Leveling up at Axway Summit 2021. Time to get technical.

Axway Summit 2021 Technical Tracks

Axway Summit is where you come to learn about the enterprise integration solutions that will best advance your goals. The nuts and bolts. The show me, don’t tell me. In other words, the technical stuff you need to know — and have — to get things done and level up.

I’m happy to share with you the technical tracks you can sign up to attend at Axway Summit 2021. These sessions are designed to not only help you move your digital transformation forward, but also position your business for future growth.

Business Technical Tracks

What the Amplify API Management Platform can do for the API producer

Consuming APIs is the most important part of any API lifecycle. Join Dave McKenna, Axway SVP of Engineering, as he demonstrates the Amplify API Management Platform and how API producers can leverage it to drive API consumption and improve the most critical aspect of their business: the consumer experience.

Catalogs for business: The API consumer viewpoint

How do you handle the API management challenges stemming from multiple clouds, vendors, and ecosystems? Try approaching them from a customer experience perspective. Axway Product Line VP, Bas van den Berg, explores the Amplify Catalog and how you can use it to easily discover assets in a single place, centralize subscription management, and integrate faster with low-code tools.

Solution Technical Tracks

Empowering business with self-service and operational intelligence

Join two of Axway’s Product Line Directors for MFT to learn how you can build a modern MFT environment by implementing self-service and ensuring business quality. Craig Olson shows how to produce and share templates that empower business users to create new services. Pierre Mislin demonstrates how predictive monitoring, alerts, and preventative actions can boost operational efficiency.

Create an API-enabled B2B ecosystem

Create a modern, API-enabled B2B environment using new B2Bi capabilities. Madalina Popescu, Axway Principal Product Owner, B2Bi, shows how to extend your ecosystem to partners who require API document exchange using new JSON Business Documents capabilities. Christian Hartman, Axway Senior Product Management Director, B2Bi, shows how a DevOps-friendly set of configuration and operational APIs reduces human involvement and speeds responsiveness.

These illuminating technical sessions are just part of what you’ll experience at Axway Summit 2021. You can look forward to an insightful lineup of keynote speakers and presenters, an illustrious all-women panel discussing success in the tech world, solution tracks featuring Axway customers, and much more. All coming to you in a lively and flexible virtual format that ensures you won’t miss a second of exclusive content.

I’ll be sharing more details on how to level up soon. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll register now, or as soon as you can, for the Axway Summit 2021 event in your region. A link is below. And feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues.

Paul French, CMO at Axway

Axway Summit 2021 – Americas, May 4-5, 2021

Axway Summit 2021 – EMEA, May 5-6, 2021