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Axway and Railinc

Key takeaways: How Railinc keeps America’s trains running with Axway’s Managed File Transfer

A critical component of U.S. transportation infrastructure, Railinc supports commercial and government organizations with the information services they need to keep their rail assets...
Axway Summit 2021 register now

Just two weeks until Axway Summit 2021. Are you ready to level up?

In just two short weeks, we will bring Axway Summit 2021 to you in a lively virtual environment that has something for everyone —...
Axway Summit 2021 Technical Tracks

Leveling up at Axway Summit 2021. Time to get technical.

Axway Summit is where you come to learn about the enterprise integration solutions that will best advance your goals. The nuts and bolts. The...
Axway Summit Solution Tracks

Axway Summit 2021 Solution Tracks. What you need to know.

Experience, perspective, strategy. You'll have to lean heavily on all of them if you want to level up to the next stage of your...
Amplify Flow Manager

Increasing your MFT operational efficiency

Many organizations that we speak to are in the process of modernizing their way of working. They are looking to reduce costs, improve operational...

SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview – Part 3

In Part 1 of my series on SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview, I introduced the reasons to consider clustering a SecureTransport MFT environment and an overview...

Providing Self-Service MFT Capabilities to Your Business Users

Many organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey, and are looking to reduce costs, provide additional services to business users, and reduce time...
AWS File Transfer

Axway’s value proposition for Managed File Transfer in AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) entered the integration space by providing File Transfer and API Gateway capabilities into their platform offerings. AWS continues...
Standard cluster models

SecureTransport Cluster Models Part 2: Standard Cluster model

In Part 1 of this blog series, SecureTransport Cluster Models Overview, I introduced the reasons to consider clustering a SecureTransport Managed File Transfer...
SecureTransport Cluster models

MFT SecureTransport Cluster Models Part 1

As a Presales Architect, I am often making recommendations to prospective and current Managed File Transfer customers regarding the SecureTransport architecture that...

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