Get ready to level up at Axway Summit 2021

Axway Summit 2021

Much has changed in the digital realm since we held our first virtual Axway Summit (formerly IMAGINE SUMMIT) last year. Many of us are now working from home, trying to balance families, friends, work, school, pets, and health.

For a lot of us – and I would venture most of us — it’s been a time of personal and professional reflection, creativity, appreciation, and hope. A time to reexamine what truly motivates us to help our customers or partners succeed — to take a step back and have a good look at how things can be better.

This was not lost on me as Axway entered a brand-new year of new realities. Call me the eternal optimist, but I began to see these realities as opportunities — a chance to use what we’ve learned through not just last year’s unprecedented hardships but going back to Axway’s start some 20 years ago.

Those lessons learned, those new skills acquired through strife, they’re what equips us to handle the next challenge, and the one after that. They put us in a position to pursue and win new opportunities. In the vernacular of gamers everywhere: they taught us how to level up.

As we worked to set the tone for Axway Summit 2021, I had some simple questions for my peers at Axway. What insights, what technologies, what new perspectives can we impart on those seeking better ways to navigate their own digital businesses, ecosystems, and markets? How can we take that and help our customers and partners level up?

On May 4-5 (Americas) and May 5-6 (EMEA), we will be bringing Axway Summit 2021 to you in a lively virtual environment that has something for everyone – business leaders, CIOs, CTOs, and developers alike. We got good at it. It’s something we learned just last year. And we’ve made it even better this year.

One of the great things about coming to you virtually is exactly that: we’re coming to you. You and others in your organization can tune in individually or as a team from wherever you are. You also have the flexibility to level up in the specific disciplines and topics that matter most to you. And it’s free of charge.

Soon, I’ll be providing more information on the range of technical and solution tracks you can attend. In the meantime, please register now, or as soon as possible, for the Axway Summit 2021 event in your region. There’s a link below. And feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues. I’m sure they’d like to level up, too.

Paul French, CMO at Axway




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