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Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence

Axway Decision Insight uses Operational Intelligence (OI) for Controlled Substances Suspicious Order Monitoring “SOM”

The Opioid epidemic has been at the forefront of recent headlines before the COVID-19 pandemic. The DEA has been handing out record fines to...
Axway and JASStek

JASStek partners with Axway to leverage AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer

JASStek is a digital innovation company that is a trailblazer in blockchain and innovation staffing, along with advanced analytics. They work to enable companies...
Operational Intelligence (OI) solution

What do a YouTube video and Operational Intelligence have in common?

In 2011, DoSomething.org, a non-profit organization, posted a video on YouTube featuring celebrities asking young people to donate used sports equipment to youth in...
Where’s the ROI in your Real Time Operational Intelligence Solution?

Where’s the ROI in your Real-Time Operational Intelligence Solution?

Real-Time Operational Intelligence (OI), sometimes referred to as Real-Time Business Analytics and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), is a segment of the Business Analytics market...

Monitor API product: What analytics do you need?

Why should one bother having analytics to help monitor API product? For one thing, API analytics empower API program owners to customize reports with...
The Rise of Operational Intelligence

The Rise of Operational Intelligence

The rise of operational intelligence for immediate digital insight and action has exploded much like using Waze for turn by turn navigation directions, downloading...

Refreshed Axway Appcelerator

As many of you may have observed, we have been in the process of rebranding and renaming our offering. Our new brand – Axway...

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