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How one leading American insurer rapidly scaled its business with Axway’s Managed Cloud for MFT

Axway's Managed Cloud for MFT

How do you become a brand-new organization overnight? That’s a question a leading U.S. insurer had to answer after a major corporate restructuring. The annuities and life insurance provider needed to build up new systems in a short time frame, front-to-back before its legacy systems were deactivated.

Axway’s Managed Cloud for MFT for round-the-clock availability

Managed File Transfer software plays a key role in the financial service provider’s collaboration with external stakeholders such as banks, insurance companies, and regulatory bodies — and of course, it serves the organization’s internal teams as well.
The leading insurer chose Axway’s enterprise-class MFT cloud service to exchange data with partners securely and reliably, 24 hours a day.

A top-choice solution

The solution was a top choice for two particular reasons:

1. According to a company spokesperson: they needed to support a comprehensive range of industry protocols and integration use cases with no additional third-party tools.
2. They didn’t want to be locked into any single cloud architecture.

“The Axway platform’s flexibility was quite unique among MFT vendors at the time. Managed Cloud for MFT offers a full range of deployment options, including public- and hybrid cloud architectures,” the spokesperson added.

Scaling operations quickly and securely

Security is a top consideration for any financial services provider. So, a team of Axway consultants helped the insurer deploy and configure its new MFT platform to support mission-critical integrations between the company’s core SAP business systems, line-of-business applications, and external stakeholders.

By routing all traffic from external organizations through the insurer’s own internal network, they can manage and monitor MFT traffic in their network layer.

It also allowed the company to apply robust information security and data governance policies to help keep sensitive data protected.

Transitioning to Managed Cloud for MFT

Transitioning to Managed Cloud for MFT has given the insurer high availability and seamless scalability without sending costs soaring.

In the two years since starting with the Axway platform, the company went from managing about 50,000 MFT transactions and 60 TB of data per year to over 500,000 transactions and 100 TB of data yearly.

24/7 support and monitoring

“Thanks to Managed Cloud for MFT, we’ve scaled out our environment to handle the new requirements with ease. Crucially, Axway monitors all those transactions for us — helping us to keep our headcount flat and stay focused on our core competencies.”

Internal and external data sharing is held to the same standards, so data is always encrypted, whether in transit or at rest. The leading insurer’s spokesperson adds that Axway’s support didn’t end at helping with the initial platform setup:

“We’ve yet to encounter a use case we can’t support with Managed Cloud for MFT. If we ever have a technical question or support request, we know that the help we need is only a phone call or email away with Axway.”

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