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Reducing the risks, costs, and delays of accounting migration to the Cloud webinar [FRENCH...

Today we are hosting the webinar (in French): "Reducing the risks, costs, and delays of accounting migration to the Cloud." If you missed it, don't...
CSOS: A business case for APIs and Microservices

CSOS: A Business Case for APIs and Microservices

To the detriment of those around me, I often point out technology failures. Quite often, those failures relate to the inability to easily "break...
AWS tools

Two AWS tools you probably don’t know or don’t use enough

One of the most difficult challenges in managing multiple cloud instances is understanding how to keep within a budget. This is something that affects...
AI Suite on the Cloud

AI Suite on the Cloud: Changing the rules of the game [Article in French]

Axway announced the availability of the Accounting Integration Suite on the Cloud less than one year ago. We already have five customers in production. They...
Accounting solutions in the Cloud

Accounting is evaporating to the Cloud

Mainstream accounting solutions in the cloud are now available. This gives the opportunity for the accounting department to rethink their information system. Overcoming legacy accounting...

Moving B2B/EDI to the Cloud-live interview

Have you been searching for a cloud-based solution to propel your company to the next business level? Look no more! Join Axway’s JB Bentz...
benefits of iPaaS

5 benefits of iPaaS

A real challenge that businesses and IT teams across many organizations face today is establishing an integrated network that matches the flexibility of the...

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