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Congratulations to the winners of the Axway Excellence Awards!

Axway Excellence Awards Winners Announced at Axway Summit 2023

We’re happy to be able to share more about this year’s Axway Excellence Awards winners now that they’ve all been announced during Axway Summit events around the world. In this inaugural year of the Excellence Awards, we wanted an opportunity to show our appreciation for companies that deliver brilliant digital experiences and exceptional outcomes for their customers around the world.

We’re grateful for the incredible submissions, and as you can see in the video below, these companies didn’t make it easy to select a winner!



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Awards were given for four categories: Transformation Excellence, Innovation Excellence, and Data-Driven Excellence. Keep reading for more details on the winners’ projects.

Transformation Excellence Award Winners

This category recognizes Axway customers who have successfully driven business results internally by expanding to new offerings. The winners showed success with improved business outcomes internally with the help of Axway and pushed the limit to exceed their business demands.

National Bank of Canada – North America

We were thrilled to present National Bank of Canada with this award for its use of Amplify Enterprise Marketplace.


National Bank of Canada Axway Transformation Excellence Award Winner


National Bank of Canada’s API strategists joined us recently for a webinar on the value of API adoption; watch it here.

Unimed Nacional – Latin America

The Sao Paolo-based health insurance cooperative had lots of legacy systems and technical debt and struggled to deliver services on time and stay competitive in the health market. That all changed with Amplify API Management.

Unimed Nacional completely transformed their application and architecture strategy to focus on building new API-driven services without having to replace or modify their existing systems. Now they’re building APIs at speed with low-code capability, while improving security and time-to-market for new services.


Unimed Nacional Axway Transformation Excellence Award Winner


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Equinor – Europe

This international energy company based in Norway is the first Axway customer in the world to have deployed an Azure cloud-based B2Bi multi-cluster solution – significantly transforming the business.

“With the adoption of a cloud-based, B2Bi multi-cluster Equinor has taken resilience and availability to the next level, now capable of delivering the true 24/7/365 operations that the business requires in the modern gas market’ explains Vince Padua, Axway Chief Product Officer.


Equinor Transformation Excellence Award Axway Summit 2023


Learn more about why Equinor chose a multi-cluster cloud environment.

Bank Negara Indonesia – Asia Pacific

In the context of a rapidly expanding P2P lending industry, this Indonesian bank launched its API product to participate in an expanding financial services ecosystem while complying with regulations already issued by the country’s Financial Services Authority (OJK).


Bank Negara Transformation Excellence Award Winners Axway


By offering a wide range of services from account creation to status checks to transfers and deposits, Bank Negara Indonesia’s API product greatly facilitates transactions between lenders and borrowers. And with the Amplify Platform, the bank ensures that its API product meets strict security and privacy standards while taking advantage of new opportunities in the digital era.

Innovation Excellence Award Winners

This category recognizes customers who have pushed the limit to deliver an exciting and unified experience to their customers.

Commerzbank – Europe

In Brussels, we were happy to present this award to leading German private and corporate bank Commerzbank. Using Axway’s Amplify API Management platform, the bank is creating an innovative ecosystem of Fintech partners, gaining market share and unlocking opportunities to monetize for new revenue streams.


Commerzbank Innovation Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023


“With Amplify, Commerzbank is not only developing new customer services that leverage over 1,000 reusable APIs, but they are also able to create new business models”, explains Vince Padua, Axway Chief Product Officer.

Learn more about Commerzbank here:

CommunityAmerica Credit Union – North America

With a compelling vision focused on giving members financial peace of mind, this credit union chose Amplify API Management to integrate multiple data sources into a single repository and generate insight into member behavior in real time. This allowed the firm to offer highly relevant services based on the unique need of individual members.


CommunityAmerica Credit Union Innovation Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023


Integrating over 100 API endpoints, CommunityAmerica Credit Union is seeing greater engagement and is far along the path to helping more than a million members sleep better at night.

Learn more about how we’re helping CommunityAmerica Credit Union deliver custom-tailored financial services.

Department of Finance, Republic of the Philippines – Asia Pacific

Congratulations to the Department of Finance, Republic of the Philippines for its innovative work and for being an Excellence Award Winner.

Banco Safra – Latin America

This Brazilian bank’s modest technology team has a history of meeting technological evolution through modernization. Using Amplify API Management, this year’s innovation excellence winner moved from manual processes on mainframe legacy systems to a distributed platform using APIs.

Banco Safra’s drive to innovate led to many advantages: faster project delivery, 25% less rework, and reduced security risk. Moving from manual to API processes cut processing time by 700% with a growing ecosystem driven by more than 80 APIs.


Banco Safra Innovation Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023


Data-Driven Excellence Award Winners

This category recognizes customers who thrive in a data-driven world by providing a secure space for companies to manage data and meet evolving business demands that require real-time information to be successful.

Embraer – Latin America

Embraer is the third largest manufacturer of commercial aircraft in the world. With Axway Managed File Transfer, the Brazilian multinational aerospace corporation was able to segregate its local database to Oracle and establish an active/active cluster configuration. The move greatly improved internal data management and reinforced data security to safeguard MFT process from cyberattacks.


Embraer Data-Driven Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023

Novartis – Europe

A global healthcare company based in Switzerland, Novartis is using Axway’s Amplify API Management and MFT platforms to provide secure, standardized connectivity between multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premises applications.

“We are proud to help Novartis supporting its advanced data-driven initiatives to accelerate and improve the patient journey and drug discovery”, explains Vince Padua, Axway Chief Product Officer.


Novartis Data-Driven Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023


Cardinal Health – North America

We were honored to present Cardinal Health with the Data-Driven Excellence Award during the Axway Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Cardinal Health Data-Driven Excellence Award Winners Axway Summit 2023


Technology Excellence Award Winners

Finally, it was our pleasure to present Corelia with this special award in Brussels for bringing Axway’s Amplify Platform into the highest level of Common Criteria – Evaluation Assurance Level 4 augmented or plus (CC EAL4+) certification, delivered by ANSSI.

“By achieving this certification, Axway demonstrates its commitment to providing secure solutions that meet the highest security requirements,” explains Vince Padua, Axway Chief Product Officer.


Axway Summit 2023 Corelia Technology Excellence Award


Meanwhile, insurance and banking services corporation Suncorp was the deserving winner of the Technology Excellence Award in the Asia Pacific region.

Many thanks to all of our customers who submitted their projects as candidates for the Axway Customer Excellence Awards. Without our customers and their unique, constantly evolving needs, Axway’s success would not be possible.

Our congratulations go out to all the winners, and we look forward to learning about new applications for Axway products and solutions in the coming year. Thank you for allowing us to join you as partners in your quest for innovation, transformation, technology, and data-driven excellence.

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