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Inside Look: Axway Summit 2023 – North America & Latin America Recap 

Axway Summit 2023 LATAM

Axway Summit is a global event, and after the success of the EMEA edition in Brussels, Belgium, it was time to gather with our Latin America teams, customers, and partners in the vibrant city of São Paulo. 

Axway Summit Latin America

Axway Summit LATAM 2023


The event provided an opportunity to connect and engage with customers, fostering meaningful exchanges of ideas, insights, and experiences. From thought-provoking keynote sessions to interactive panel discussions, Axway Summit LATAM exemplified a spirit of collaboration.  


Axway Summit 2023 LATAM


One high note was a panel moderated by Marcelo Ramos, General Manager, Latin America at Axway, where four CIOs joined him to share their life and career trajectory: Fernanda Toscano from Veloe, Danilo Zimmermann from DASA, Rodrigo Bonfim from Cetelem, and Alexandro Strack from Jadlog. 

The active participation and enthusiasm displayed by customers added an undeniable energy to the various engaging sessions and networking opportunities, as you can see in the video recap below.  



The keynote speaker, two-time Olympic volleyball champion Giovane Gávio, inspired attendees with his stories of memorable leaders and the remarkable aspects of their leadership. 

“The greatest satisfaction from this event was seeing so many customers willing to share their story and experience with Axway,” said Rebeca Polito, LATAM Marketing Management Director and organizer of the event. “Eleven companies represented by eleven amazing professionals, shining on stage.”

Another special highlight was the final recognition ceremony for the inaugural Axway Excellence Awards. This prestigious event aimed to recognize and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of companies that have leveraged Axway products to drive brilliant digital experiences and deliver exceptional outcomes for their customers worldwide. 


Axway Summit LATAM 2023

Stay tuned for more, as we look forward to sharing more about the award-winning organizations from around the world. We’ll highlight their projects and showcase the impact they have made in their respective industries. 

Next, it was time to head to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States for the final edition of Axway Summit 2023.  

Axway Summit North America 

Packed with engaging sessions, inspiring speakers, and a celebration of music and culture, Summit proved to be a hub of innovation, collaboration, and digital transformation at every session. Let’s dive into the highlights of the North America experience. 

As temperatures outside were already soaring, customers, partners, and industry leaders were welcomed on day one to reconnect, network, and foster new friendships.  


Axway Summit North America 2023


The event provided a much-awaited opportunity for face-to-face interactions after several years of remote events. 

“Together, we celebrated our achievements, shared valuable insights, and forged meaningful connections,” said Pierre Baudin, VP Marketing at Axway. “We look forward to continuing this journey of innovation, collaboration, and success with all our stakeholders!” 


Axway Summit North America 2023


Setting the vision: keynote speakers 

In the general session, Axway CEO Patrick Donovan took the stage to outline the company’s vision for the future. Focused on customer needs, the company’s roadmap emphasized innovation and the latest advancements in API, MFT, B2B, and cloud technologies.  


Axway Summit 2023 North America


One of the standout moments was the keynote speech delivered by Hakan Yaren, CIO of APL Logistics. Yaren shared his organization’s inspiring journey, highlighting their successes, challenges, and dedication to innovation. The audience was captivated by his insights and industry-leading strategies for meeting global consumer and industrial demands. 


Axway Summit 2023 North America


Finally, awards were presented to the North American winners of the Axway Excellence Awards. (more to come on that soon!) 


Axway Summit North America Excellence Awards Winners


Breakout sessions: insights and expertise 

Axway Summit 2023 showcased an array of breakout sessions featuring industry experts from renowned organizations.  

Chhavi Bhargava, Data Exchange Service Manager at Ford Motor Company, and Bill Morgan, Manager of the Integration Services team at Dealer Tire, were among the distinguished speakers.  


Axway Summit 2023 North America


Their presentations shed light on the transformative power of Axway solutions and the journey towards modernizing B2B processes. 

Francis Simard, API & Orchestration Enterprise Architect at National Bank of Canada, shared his expertise on creating an API marketplace for building future-ready digital services. His session emphasized the crucial role played by API marketplaces in driving innovation and providing seamless digital experiences. 

Axway Summit 2023 also highlighted successful partnerships, with Al Gutierrez, Sr. IT Architect, and Matt Miller, IT Business Analyst from Textron, taking the stage. They showcased Textron’s ongoing journey with Axway in modernizing Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions. 

The grand finale: an evening at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) 

To conclude the North America Summit on a high note, attendees were treated to a memorable evening at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM).  


Axway Summit 2023 North America


Against a backdrop of musical artifacts from around the world, guests enjoyed delicious food, captivating music, and even a chance to make their own music! 


Axway Summit 2023 North America


Take a minute to relive some favorite moments in the video below: 



Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of Axway Summit 2023 North America. Dedicated teams worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this event to life and make it an unforgettable experience.  

We also want to thank our esteemed customers and partners for their presence and active participation. Your valuable insights, innovative spirit, and collaborative efforts are what drive us forward. The connections made, knowledge shared, and experiences gained during Axway Summit 2023 will continue to inspire us as we navigate the future of digital transformation together.  

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