Digital Transformation

How much are you willing to throw into the fire of transformation?

I am delighted to launch the first episode of Servin’ Up Digital live on YouTube. For me, it was genuinely challenging to merge two of my passions into one show, and I had no idea how it would work out. Thanks to my fantastic team for putting all the bits and pieces together, the outcome is terrific.

Servin’ Up Digital… my fear

Although I’m used to speaking in front of huge audiences, and I’m undeniably an extrovert—when I watch the finished episode it feels like I’m naked. It is a fundamental shift from being an author and speaker and somehow a jack-of-all-trades to being an actor who runs a YouTube show. I remember the days when I heard my own recorded voice for the first time about forty-five years ago. I felt ashamed, it’s the same today when I see myself acting in front of the camera. An ancient Sufi proverb says, “This too will pass.” — I need to get used to it…

So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else. Because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good, it’s although the enemy of the realistic, the possible and the fun ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

I reinvented myself one more time! BUT… I’m still in the process.

I left my status quo, my comfort zone and I actually was afraid to make this step. I found so many reasons to postpone it and to wait until the conditions would be better. Learn how to jumpstart your digital transformation with the Catalysts.

I started to plan/think a lot. I figured out almost any possible precondition that had to be fulfilled before I could start.

Perfection is just a high-end, haute-couture version of fear. It’s just fear in fancy shoes ~ Elizabeth Gilbert 

Overcoming fears…

At a certain point, I had to make a decision.

Do I want to be that inspiring YouTube person… or not?

The answer was simple—Yes! I want to do that! The catalyst for what you are about to enjoy was when I met Todd Holbrook, who is a video artist at Axway in Phoenix. He convinced me we could do it at the quality I was hoping for.

Once you say YES, the universe delivers. You just have to open your eyes!

And it was not only Todd who popped up at the horizon of helpers. My old friend Sven Loof is a Chef and advises restaurants on improvements all over in Europe. Maude von Giese is a designer and scenographer. Their input and participation only heightened the whole experience and gave me the unbounded confidence.

What more could you possibly want?

So we found a date to start and managed to film material for seven episodes, a trailer and tons of B-Roll in only three days!

Minimal planning, minimal scripting, maximum commitment and engagement spiced with a whole lot of fun. It felt just like my time when I was running an API Squad.

On Naysayers…

You will always find people who say No. And it’s somehow convenient to listen to them as long your Yes is not in place. If I would have asked my mother what she thinks about my video/YouTube plans… Now she’s proud:-)

The Recipe…

So it needs a Vision, a Yes, a light-weight, actionable Strategy and a fantastic Team.

And it needs Passion aka Fire aka Heat to make transformative changes individually. And, of course, to your whole organization if you want to leverage Digital. Read more about What is Digital Transformation.

Coming back to the Yes. It needs a real Yes. Something yes’ish is not enough. You can’t trick the universe!

Never miss an episode of Servin’ up Digital.

A Big HUG To You All,

    Your Chef Digital Officer,


Servin’ up Digital episode 2 now available. “Adding the cheese on top of your digital endeavors.”