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GS1 Digital Link

GS1 Digital Link: An API for Every Thing

Everybody "knows" GS1 because it's the organization that standardizes the EAN/UPC barcodes that we find on pretty much every product that we buy in our supermarkets and...
Servin' Up Digital

How much are you willing to throw into the fire of transformation?

I am delighted to launch the first episode of Servin' Up Digital live on YouTube. For me, it was genuinely challenging to merge two...

Servin’ Up Digital: Culinary Answer to Digital Business’s (Burning) Questions

I must confess, I'm a damn foody! In my former life, I worked in gastronomy for years. Today I have close friends running restaurants...

Real-time analytics ensure customer experience and boost revenue

Complimentary article from my colleague Clay Cowdery, sharing his thoughts on real-time analytics. Clay is Business Performance Strategist and working on Analytics at Axway. The...
banking API security

It’s Thanksgiving! This year we’re giving thanks to APIs

Thanks to APIs, most people don’t realize how big of a role APIs play in day-to-day interactions. Are you checking that handy weather app...

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