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Axway and BFM Business collaborate for the 2nd time for the Grand Prize for Digital Acceleration

Axway was delighted to sponsor the Grands Prix de l’Accélération Digitale 2020 (The 2020 Digital Acceleration Awards) for BFM Business, the prominent business television channel in France.

“It is with great pleasure that we are taking part in the Digital Acceleration Grand Prize again this year; promoting innovative projects there demonstrates our desire to support our customers in their digital transformation.” Patrick Donovan, Chief Executive Officer of Axway

Axway and BFM Business: The event

The gala event took place at the Paris Ritz hotel on October 7th and was hosted by journalist Frédéric Simottel.

The night centered on the finest digital acceleration practices — most of them for large companies. Exceptional teams came together to compete for the most beautiful digital transformation projects and were awarded for “ambition, innovation, and daring.” Digital advancement was key to the event’s success.

The contest focused on large organizations striving for the ability to provide a platform for their teams who worked to speed up digital transformation for their companies.

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The aim…

During the gala evening, BFM BUSINESS announced the winners of its “Digital Acceleration Grand Prize” contest — sponsored by Axway — in the “Business Model Transformation” category.

The five winners — one winner in each category — showcased their projects in front of 100 executives and with COMEX members from prominent companies.

The jury voted to elect the best 2020 digital transformation project at the end of the evening.

And the winner was…

The winner in the Axway category for Business Model Transformation project was presented by Daniel Harari – Chairman, and Lectra’s Chief Executive Officer. Lectra also won the cross-category grand prize for the evening.

Lectra is a global leader in innovative technological solutions for companies using textiles or leather goods.

Emmanuel Methivier, Catalyst | Innovation | Marketing & Events and winner Daniel Harari, Lectra’s Chief Executive Officer.

Their concept was based around insightful, coupled solutions that aid within the areas of automotive, fashion, and furniture in Industry 4.0.

The esteemed competition was geared towards all companies who expressed their desire to present their group effort, innovation, and exchange projects that worked to create new ideas and services within the digital transformation model.

Discover how the many stages of the project came about here.

“The BFM Business event was a smashing success. It demonstrates that by endorsing the alliance of ground-breaking services, Axway provides a tactical approach that offers your enterprise a leg up in today’s ever-changing marketplace.” Alfred Saad, SVP / General Manager of Axway EUROPE

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