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Celebrating International CX Day at Axway

International CX Day at Axway

At Axway, we want all our employees (aka Griffins) to be able to walk in our customers’ shoes, understand their business challenges, and how Axway is helping them in their digital journey.

International CX Day at Axway

So, on International CX Day, we reached out to four Griffins who work closely with customers and asked them to share some great stories about how our customers are leveraging Axway’s technology to meet their business goals.

One of our Catalysts spoke about how a U.S. pharmaceutical company has been growing its “API First” culture through an ongoing Catalyst engagement.

Our Customer Success Team showcased concrete examples of how Axway AMPLIFY™ API Management contributes to a better and greener environment: an oil company and a car manufacturer reaching their sustainability goals through Axway’s technology.

All industries, including cosmetics and beauty, are impacted by digital transformation. We had a really good opportunity to see the Axway AMPLIFY™ Cloud B2B solution at the heart of the modernization and risk management of one of our largest customers.

Fun quiz

And where would the fun be without a quiz? At the end of the week, our Griffins had the opportunity to test what they’d learned about these four customer stories and win a prize.

We are all very proud of how we were able to support our customers as they evolve and grow their business and progress in their transformation. And we are extremely grateful for their trust.

We send a huge thank you to all our customers!

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