Digital Transformation

What is Accelerate Journey?

Accelerate Journey

Accelerate Journey is an exciting, new program for a digital state of mind. Through Accelerate Journey, Axway Catalysts — like myself — aims to get participants to a digital mindset and ways of working that complement the organizational methodologies that we all must come to know.

We will show you how to change your behavior and communication patterns from their very core to overcome the confusion that today’s standard agile API delivery approaches can present for the modern enterprise.

For starters, let’s zoom into the overwhelming amount of detail that digital teams need to get control of to turn an API program into a triumph and keep it running successfully.

With Accelerate Journey, your API teams will be able to:

  • Make the pivot from API to VPI (Value Proposition Interface) so your teams can converge on a common vision of value—and even include partners and consumers in the definition.
  • Distinguish between the platform-thinking of the past with the platform thinking of the digital ecosystems of today and the ever-changing future.
  • Introduce the power of API Product Management instead of treating APIs as just another software project.
  • Knockdown the barriers that typically come up when implementing a digital strategy.
  • Radically adopt a Design-First approach, giving developers a great experience that ensures your strategy flourishes and takes root.
  • Showcase and demonstrate results that undeniably show your teams’ value and capacity to deliver.

Axway Catalysts are ready to be your trusted advisors as experts who have made this journey themselves as both practitioners and consultants.

Accelerate Journey will ramp-up your organization with quick wins to move from Strategic Alignment and Delivery Alignment through to successful Delivery Pilots leading to the Scaled Delivery required for digital success. Read more about jumpstarting your digital journey with the Catalysts.

Benefits of Accelerate Journey

Participants in Accelerate Journey benefit greatly from these clear delivery models to move further along their journey towards a great API-powered future. Such benefits include:

  • An actionable Engagement Plan that includes all stakeholders and materials to help gain buy-in and eliminate blockers.
  • Access to the Axway Griffin Lab and its Innovation Team to foster co-collaboration and rapid innovation.
  • An API Product Roadmap and Reference Architecture that ensures business value-led prioritization and supports scaled self-service delivery with governance and control.
  • Highly engaging workshops to embed API First, full life cycle management practices that can be test-driven with real delivery.
  • On-boarding one or more digital and API teams with Catalyst-led Team Journeys enabling parallel delivery for providers and consumers of digital products and services.

Read more about the Catalysts and how they can take your API digital transformation to the next level.