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APIdays San Francisco: Future API Stack for new product experiences

On July 16-17th, the Axway team once again spent some days, API days that is, in the company of cutting edge partners and API practitioners. APIdays San Francisco, the two-day edition of the innovative and global series of conferences saw the Axway Catalysts and colleagues engaging with attendees in many different ways.

APIdays San Francisco

We heard exciting presentations, met tons of new people and saw old friends, all in the name of promoting APIs and API Management as the way to deliver products in a digital marketplace. Held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in downtown San Francisco, the event brought together over 800 attendees from all over the globe in the heart of America’s technology innovation neighborhood.

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Axway at APIDays San Francisco: The Future API Stack for New Product Experiences
Brenton House, Developer Relations Lead for API and Mobile

Prior to the event, Brenton House, Developer Relations Lead for API and Mobile, presented how Axway is engaging the API developer community at a meetup devised to whet peoples’ appetites for APIdays San Francisco and allow networking and conversation.

APIdays San Francisco: Day 1

Catalyst Kay Lummitsch, Senior Program Director, made his Axway debut and, due to his long-running history with the hosts and the event, led APIdays San Francisco as emcee. It was a great way for Kay to start off his new role; he got to bond the Axway team and herald his arrival with some fanfare.

The Catalysts’ Spiritual Leader, Senior Director and Chief Catalyst, Brian Pagano impacted the attendees early on Day 1 of the proceedings to a packed auditorium by incisively and boldly sounding the cry for organizations to act urgently to secure their digital futures in a challenging talk entitled: “Understanding trends and anti-patterns; navigating the digital landscape to ensure future survival.” Any complacency lurking in the auditorium was definitely sent packing by Brian’s alternating stark warnings and gentle reassurances sprinkled with comedic insights packed with dry wit and humor. No psyches were harmed and the crowd learned about the urgency of change and the need to act now to survive the digital future.

As one would expect at an event in the Silicon Valley area, the sessions on Day 1 were primarily focused on deeper dives into the technical aspects of the future API stack. GraphQL and its use in API data delivery seemed to be a hot topic. By the back end of the day, participants were ready to learn about the full API lifecycle including business models and design for your API delivery and how to seamlessly build and deploy an API as a containerized product. Axway Catalysts Brian Otten and John Wiese were on hand to address those concepts and bring them to life through a thought-provoking hands-on workshop taking attendees on a whirlwind tour of the API lifecycle made real.

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Brian Otten at API Days San FranciscoAPIdays San Francisco: Day 2

Day 2 of the event saw the Axway team joined by the head of API Sales for North America, Chris McCauley, and great conversations were had with lots of interested parties aiming to find out more about how APIs provide acceleration for digital transformation and how Axway is helping organizations worldwide in overcoming their integration blockers and providing great digital product experiences with APIs. API-lovers were also shocked to hear the daring pronouncement from Kong CEO Augusto Marrietti that “API Management is dead!”.

Perhaps not, but his talk did make people step back and think about how to manage APIs in a decentralized world. It’s clear that API Management will need to evolve in the face of this challenge, and this event is at the forefront of that evolution.

APIDays San FranMehdi Medjaoui and the whole APIdays team have built a fantastic community and the Axway team was honored to be part of it. Be sure to check out the rest of the series for 2019 including Melbourne, Barcelona, London and Paris. The Axway team will see you there!

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