API News Roundup – July 2019

It’s halfway through the summer, and we are hard at work curating the top API news stories from around the world. Here is this month’s API News Roundup – July 2019.

JavaScript programming language: Final chance to drop early Web Components API before Chrome ditches support

Web developers who are still using Google’s early version of the Web Components API on their sites have been granted a stay of execution.

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Stripe’s API degradation RCA found unforeseen interaction of database bugs and a config change led to cascading failure across critical services

On 10th July, Stripe’s API services went down twice, from 16:36–17:02 UTC and again from 21:14–22:47 UTC. Though the services recovered immediately, it had caused significantly elevated error rates and response times. Two days after the incident, i.e., on 12th July, Stripe has shared a root cause analysis on the repeated degradation, as requested by the users.

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Vericred Launches Disruption Analysis API for Health and Dental Insurance Networks

Vericred, a data services platform powering the digital distribution of health insurance and employee benefits, announced today the immediate availability of its Disruption Analysis API. Vericred’s new API enables InsurTech companies to build decision support tools that help their users — primarily brokers and employers — assess what percentage of an employee population would be affected, positively or adversely, by switching health or dental insurance networks.

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Centro API Automates LinkedIn Ads Performance Reporting

Centro has released an integration with LinkedIn to automate campaign performance reporting. The API, per the company, provides the first cross-channel ad-buying platform for both site-direct and programmatic campaigns to automatically pull in ad-spend data from Facebook, Google Search and now LinkedIn.

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5 Key Benefits for Switching to an API Subscription Model

An API Strategist Explores Event-Driven APIs

If you’re like me and have experience with web services and the paradigm of RESTful, web services, and SOAP APIs, but curious about event-driven, message-based or streaming APIs, this article is for you.

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Cloud Elements Simplifies API Consumption with Innovative “API Virtualization”

Cloud Elements is looking to make it easier to consume and work with APIs – and all their data behind them – via an innovative approach to virtualization.

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