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Axway AMPLIFY: What it means for you!

way AMPLIFY drives governance

With one platform, one experience, Axway AMPLIFY drives governance and can bring a new functionality with speed and agility to your organization. Five challenges remain unchanged: security, complexity, personas engagement, adoption and Shadow IT.

Axway AMPLIFY drives governance

With each category, Axway AMPLIFY drives governance. Where security, governing and securing applications are key. Complexity needs a workflow for alignment with your business. Enabling nontechnical personas through self-service. Adoption allows for reducing the barriers for multi-cloud, data and regional sovereignty and modern application architecture. Shadow IT brings central governance with fine-grained access and controls for internal and external consumers​.

These days, organizations are building hybrid platforms because they need different technologies. They need the ability to be open to new potential and to drive the consumption of their business in new ways. Organizations who have hybrid integration platforms need not replace legacy systems, leveraging Axway AMPLIFY allows you to govern and achieve your goals, speeding up discovery combining traditional models with new abilities.

Key launches

Axway AMPLIFY recently launched new capabilities with its platform. Your organization gets new functions within a unified catalog; iPaaS capabilities have been expanded upon for faster delivery. You can orchestrate and support API traffic. Read why iPaaS is changing integration capabilities.

Further, Managed File Transfer (MFT) has more self-service capabilities for flow content. Additionally, an organization gets new freedoms for revenue channels for building infrastructure, making interfaces much more efficient.

Additionally, Axway AMPLIFY is more modular. This makes AMPLIFY much faster, cost-efficient, integrated, profitable and works well within a Spotify model. Axway AMPLIFY provides high control and IT Transformation which allows cloud support and adoption, the exploration of endpoints, as well as the democratization of data, content and application exposition.

Hybrid integration platform (AMPLIFY) (HIP) is a force unto itself. What this means for your enterprise is a streamlined experience that meets your business needs, driving innovation that makes your business more consumable and agile. Read all about if you’re not planning for hybrid integration you are already late. 

With hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY, you can do the following:​

-Speed the discovery, use and deployment ​of integrations for new AND existing customers​

-Combine traditional integration patterns and processes with new innovations and ecosystems

-Provide enterprise-ready integration across hybrid architectures, multiple types of endpoints and different personas 

At the end of the day, one platform, one experience brings value to your organization that simply wasn’t possible before.

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