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How is the API Gateway being used?

How is the API Gateway being used?

Data-driven decisions are key to ensure we, as a company, make informed choices to find the right direction on the compass of success. As part of our drive to make the AMPLIFY™ API Management solution leaner and meaner, and ultimately easier to maintain, manage and reduce its footprint, beneficial from both a classic and container deployment standpoint, we need to be armed with this information.

Unfortunately, we do not possess the compass of the things we desire the most (maybe except Jack Sparrow).

API Gateway 7.6.2 utility

What we have is a little utility that we shipped with version 7.6.2, which can query the configuration of an API Gateway, and report back on the filters, connections, and other important items that are configured for us to have a better understanding on what is being used in the API Gateway.

This little tool, being shipped with every successive release from 7.6.2 is located in your current API Gateway installation, you will find a sample/scripts directory. In there you, will find a run.sh script.

Example to run the script

[axway@api-env scripts]$ ./run.sh config/configreport.py -help
Usage: scan_config [options]

Usage: scan_config [options]

Creates statistics from configuration

-h, –help show this help message and exit
–host=HOST Node manager host.
–port=PORT Node manager port.
–schema=SCHEMA Node manager schema to use (http or https).
–username=USERNAME User name (will be prompted if not set).
–password=PASSWORD User password (will be prompted if not set).
-g GROUP, –group=GROUP
The group name.
The service name. If service name not specified,
fragment will be deployed to the group
The group passphrase.
–passphrasePrompt The group passphrase will be prompted
Input configuration file or directory (relative path
will be resolved from $VDISTDIR/samples/scripts)
Output file (relative path will be resolved from
–npp, –no-pretty-print
Turns off output pretty print
-s, –silent Do no print progress messages
[axway@api-env scripts]$

How is the API Gateway being used?

This will provide the parameters you can use to create the output.

The script can be run to query the results from a running instance, different groups in the topology, and even from the file.

Here is an example of the output provided:

There is no sensitive information as part of the report.

Reports on:

  • Types of filters and the number of occurrences of those filters
  • Is API Manager enabled?
  • Is Analytics enabled?
  • External Connectors data, i.e. LDAP, JMS, Database, etc.

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