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Technology leaders in Latin America discuss Hybrid Integration for business innovation

I recently hosted a webinar to a Latin American audience on the topic of innovating with agility and the experience of a hybrid integration solution. My guests were Frank Rodriguez Gonzalez, Sr. Manager of Zurich Santander; and Herlani Júnior, head of architecture of Fleetcor Brazil/Sem Parar.

We showed how the management of integrations evolved with the hybrid model. This is possible by empowering a responsible team with integration solutions that do not depend on specialists in the technical area, simplifying the access of employees to technology.

Participants followed along as we discussed digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), data governance, post-pandemic challenges, and internal and external connections as the key to collaboration.

Data management and governance can be done by anyone who can act in any process. With the hybrid platform, a team that has just acquired a lead-generation solution, for example, can integrate with Salesforce smoothly. The hybrid model comes to facilitate processes.

Axway has the solutions to make connections more fluid and simpler. These solutions also allow companies to extract quickly various information about data movement, achieving greater scalability, and process improvements.

Zurich Santander is one of Axway’s customers with a virtually complete hybrid integration platform.

It is an emblematic case for us because we can connect countless partners with various demands, in a B2B channel, with speed, standardization, and safety.

Sem Parar, also an Axway customer, integrates its services both on highways, as in the parking lots of malls and gas stations, generating a fast and safe experience.

Hybrid model facilitates processes by simplifying access to technology.

Frank Rodriguez Gonzalez and Herlani Júnior reported their experiences and successful partnership with Axway, they talked about their digital journey, the culture of innovation, and how the hybrid solution has helped the company’s digitization processes.

Products and services that bring this connectivity, data governance, and encourage co-creation with their partners enable companies to innovate with agility and generate more value for the business.

The culture of innovation must permeate companies because business success depends on these connections, whether local or cloud.

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