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Webinar: API Design to power your digital transformation

Webinar API Design

On September 26th, Axway and our partner, Stoplight held an enlightening webinar showcasing the power of API Design as part of full lifecycle management. Along with Stoplight CEO, Marc MacLeod, the Axway Catalysts showed API Design in practice and shared some strategic tips on why this is critical for the success of any API strategy. READ MORE: Discover how APIs and HIP are part of a successful strategy.

Webinar API Design: What was in it for attendees?

A recap of what the proposition of this webinar offered:

We get it, starting an API program is exciting!

Caught up in this excitement, most organizations burst out of the gates and build APIs without putting in place design practices and tooling.

Organizations that do so increase the risk of making a MESS, resulting in costly rework and APIs that don’t offer real building blocks for business capabilities that developers can use to power great digital products.

Are you concerned that your teams are starting down this path? Do you have a way for teams to deliver APIs more quickly but with control? Do you want a consistent and delightful experience for your internal and partner developers? Axway and Stoplight: API-First Design.

Most importantly, do you want to enable true collaboration between business stakeholders, API Product Managers, designers, and developers to iterate quickly to design and build the right APIs the right way?

Adopting API design best practices with the right tooling, joined up with development and deployment platforms downstream will get your teams where they need to be quicker than before and with world-class APIs as the result.

The FULL API Lifecycle — in one whirlwind webinar

It was ambitious, but we covered the whole API lifecycle in this session — from planning APIs and understanding their business value through to deployment. READ MORE: Learn what API Lifecycle Management is.  The focus here, though, was on the critical stage of API Design.

Marc from Stoplight delivered a live demonstration and showed how easy it is to collaborate and manage API specifications on a single platform without a steep learning curve for designers and developers.

He explored how to gain governance of your APIs by design and take the responsibility off the designers and developers to adhere to standards.

Attendees were especially interested in the ability to share reusable data models for designing consistent API requests and response payloads. It was clear this capability is in high demand.

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Stay tuned for more API design webinars with Stoplight

Coming soon are additional webinars with Axway and Stoplight that will do deeper dives into what makes good API design and how together future API stack with Axway and Stoplight makes it easier and scalable. We’ll focus on some industry-specific examples, e.g., healthcare and banking. We’re confident that more and more organizations will discover that API design is not optional and can enhance both customer and developer experience.

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