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Axway helps DB Schenker modernize and brings a new subscription model to the fold!

DB Schenker modernized

Some things never change! Businesses want to innovate, drive down costs, expand their geographic reach and grow their market share. Yet, in a world where digital and mobile technologies are taking security and reliability beyond comfortable boundaries of the corporate firewalls, it’s now more important than ever that a collaborative success strategy reinforces the transition from traditional computing infrastructure to a hybrid cloud platform.

Secure collaboration

At Axway, we help our customers through this transition. We enable secure collaboration with their business partners, customers and distributed locations. Learn how DB Schenker modernized successfully and collaborated with Axway to bring their IT infrastructure and transition to a cloud platform to deliver measurable results on the business challenges they were facing, along with adopting the subscription model.

DB Schenker modernized

Karlheinz Heigl is the Axway Customer Success Manager for DB Schenker AG. DB Schenker is the world’s leading provider of global logistics services. They support industry and trade in the global exchange of goods via land transport, worldwide air and sea freight, contract logistics and supply chain management.

Integrated logistics takes place globally at all major interfaces. With Value Added Services, DB Schenker ensures seamless flows of goods and lean, optimized supply chains. The company holds top positions in the automotive, technology, consumer goods, trade fair forwarding, special transport and services sectors for major sporting events.

With more than 75,800 employees in over 2,000 locations in 130 countries worldwide, they produce a turnover of € 17.05 billion (2018). DB Schenker has been an Axway customer since 1998.


They started with AMTrix and moved to XIB in 2008, since 2017, they have utilized API Cloud Service, followed by AMPLIFY B2Bi in 2019. With this process, they have been able to successfully operate a global EDI platform that integrates the business of the logistics provider with thousands of customers and partners. The overall EDI traffic will likely be more than one billion messages in 2019.

To support business growth, they needed to integrate their customers and partners not only via the traditional EDI but also using APIs providing SOAP and REST-based services. After an evaluation, they chose the AMPLIFY API Management technology provisioned as a Full Managed Cloud Service based on a monthly subscription to cover their business needs.

The service was set up more than a year ago using AWS in Europe. Since then, the steady growth of customers and partners have been onboard to perform business with Schenker AG. In this model, Axway not only provides the platform but also operates the environment and performs the development needed to onboard the customers and partners.

Main benefits

The main benefits of the Cloud Service are the subscription model with attractive fixed monthly fees and a well-defined service catalog. Another advantage was the fast implementation of the solution which helps Schenker AG to meet their time to market demands.

Schenker AG and Axway will extend their business by the globalization of the Cloud Service providing swift response times based on the geographical location of their customers and partners.

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