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top list of API Management vendors

What are the top list of API Management vendors and key criteria

When selecting the right API Management tooling to support your digital initiatives, platforms, and transformation, it's critical to factor in some key criteria that...
multi-cloud strategy

6 reasons for adopting a multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud simply refers to the presence of more than one cloud, sourced from different vendors. The adoption of multi-cloud is doubling year over year,...
multiple API Gateways

Multiple API Gateways: Why does it happen and what are the challenges?

Many organizations have multiple API Gateways in place. This can complicate the goal of creating an organization-wide approach for managing and using APIs. However,...
What is load balancing?

What is load balancing?

Load balancing refers to delivering incoming network traffic across a group of backend servers on the internet. The basic function distributes client requests and...

Achieving superior customer experience managing APIs in a hybrid world | Axway and Microsoft...

Achieving a 360-view of your customers, employees and partners in real-time is necessary to bring the highest level of customer experience to your business...
Big data as a service

What is big data as a service (BDaaS)?

What is BDaaS? Big data as a service (BDaaS) refers to the vast amount of data that is being stored, analyzed, processed and created...
choosing the right API Gateway

Choosing the right API Gateway!

A critical component of an API-based architecture is to have an API Gateway. This becomes more important as organizations are breaking their monolithic services...
DB Schenker modernized

Axway helps DB Schenker modernize and brings a new subscription model to the fold!

Some things never change! Businesses want to innovate, drive down costs, expand their geographic reach and grow their market share. Yet, in a world...
B2Bi Monitoring

B2B Integration Monitoring: What you need to know!

AMPLIFY B2B integration provides your company with strong capabilities to easily go forward and manage partners, along with provisioning endpoints for greater flexibility for...
potential of HIP

Unlocking the potential of HIP

Hybrid integration platform (HIP) has been growing by leaps and bounds over the years. Companies are getting on the train and riding the HIP...

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