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Working to solve the parking crisis in Paris with sound solutions! Axway and team to the rescue!

Like all cities in the world, parking in Paris has become a complex problem. The question remains, how do you utilize the vast amount of unused parking spots available in the City of Lights? Look no further, the innovative ParkingMap app is now available to solve your parking woes!

Every day, over one million cars are driving within Paris. With such a large amount of cars taking up space, Axway, Paris Habitat, the City of Paris and Sopra Steria took on the multifaceted challenge and teamed up with ParkingMap.

This multi-layered collaboration brings forth a mobile app that proposes route solutions which are best tailored to a motorists’ limitations.

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The ParkingMap app is ready for download on your phone. Paris Habitat can now give you clear visibility of over 45,000 parking spaces which are spread out within 500 car parking garages. Nearly 9,000 of these parking spaces are vacant. This makes it more relevant than ever to have an alternative way to solve the parking crisis.

“These movements within urban areas affect air quality and generate situations of parking congestion in the city center. We would like to encourage motorist to park their cars at the gates of Paris while offering them the opportunity to continue their journey by using eco-responsible means of transport: the metro, bus or bicycles.” Célia Goncalves, Direction des Politiques Locatives, Paris Habitat

Specific context

Within the specific context of the DataCity program, developing the parking solution app benefits all drivers. This gives you easy-to-use access to the information and clear availability of parking spots available. Furthermore, with the added feature of offering the motorists simple ways to complete their journey by either foot, bicycle or metro, you now have all the pertinent information at your fingertips for a seamless parking experience. Being eco-friendly is another added benefit!

“All of Paris Habitat’s car parks are now identified on the ParkingMap application.” Damien Lasserre, Directeur Technique, ParkingMap

Another prominent feature

Another prominent feature of the app is that ParkingMap steers the driver each step of the way on their voyage by providing essential information for car parking and directions to their final destination.  An app user can select their journey according to their specific requirements by tailoring their choices to either ecological options, the most cost-effective solution or simply the shortest walk for their trip.

“We encourage the use of alternative modes of transportation rather than private cars.” We are pleased to do so by promoting the use of data and digital tools.” Mélanie Gidel, Direction de la Voirie et des Déplacements—VILLE DE PARIS

ParkingMap works diligently to make parking an easy endeavor. This provides you more time to avoid overcrowding with parking issues while freeing up your time for safe and easy arrival.

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