Axway API Management CLI

Axway API Manager CLI
Axway API Manager CLI

I’m pleased to share API Manager CLI utility which could be helpful for engineers working with the Axway API Gateway Manager. This tool is to manage and control API Manager resources without accessing through the Web UI.

Axway API Manager CLI

apimctl is a command line (CLI) utility that allows you to manage Axway’s API Manager resources. This utility allows you to automate the deployment of API Manager resources. It also allows you to view and edit the existing resources. This CLI is developed using Cobra and Viper (golang packages).


GitHub – Axway-API-Management-Plus/go-apim-cli: Axway API-Management CLI Utility

Currently, this tool is available in Linux and MacOS:

  • apimctl_darwin_amd64
  • apimctl_linux_amd64

release=$(curl -Ls | grep “releases/download.*linux_amd64″ | cut -d \” -f 2)

wget -q$release
chmod +x apimctl_linux_amd64
mv apimctl_linux_amd64 /usr/local/bin/apimctl

Supported Command

This CLI supports all the CRUD operations on the API Manager resources.

$ apimctl

apimctl controls and manages API Manager resources.


Usage :

apimctl [command]


Available Commands :

create      create an API Manager resource from a file

delete      delete an API Manager resource

describe  describe an API Manager resource

edit          edit an API Manager resource

help         help about any command

list           list all API Manager resource

login        stores the login info of API Manager

publish    publish a proxy

unpublish unpublish a proxy



–config string   config file (default is $HOME/.apimanager.yaml)

-h, –help            help for apimctl

-v, –version       version for apimctl


Use “apimctl [command] –help” for more information about a command.


$ apimctl login

API Manager resources

$ apimctl create org -n Marvel -ed
$ apimctl list orgs
$ apimctl desc org -n Marvel
$ apimctl edit org -n Marvel
$ apimctl delete org -n Marvel

$ apimctl create user -n ‘AntMan’ -l antman -o Marvel -r user -p antman
$ apimctl create user -n ‘Thor’ -l thor -o Marvel -r admin
$ apimctl create user -n ‘Iron Man’ -l ironman -o Marvel -r oadmin
$ apimctl create app -n Avengers -o Marvel
$ apimctl create key -a Avengers
$ apimctl create api -n ‘Captain America’ -o Marvel -f resources/swagger.json
$ apimctl create proxy -n ‘The First Avenger’ -o Marvel -b ‘Captain America’ -c resources/cert.pem -s passthrough
$ apimctl unpublish proxy -n ‘The First Avenger’

Note: For more sample commands, please view the Readme in the git repository.

Discover more about the API Gateway.




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  1. As almost any operations team is facing high workload automation has become a major driver for for CI/CD integration. Needs for replacing manual work or making product configuration API’s more accessible have led to several independent solutions. There is already an “official solution” that covers the CLI and automation needs in a much broader attempt than the solution presented here. I hope both can be combined to get even a better tooling!
    Reference to Axway API-Manager CLI (former Swagger Promote):


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