The Axway Partners Summit Virtual Tour 2020: Always closer to our ecosystem

Axway Partners Summit Virtual Tour

Every year, we have the pleasure of gathering our worldwide partners during our IMAGINE SUMMIT events in dedicated partner sessions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we couldn’t meet our partners in person this year. Instead, we transformed our Partners Summit 2020 into the Axway Partners Summit Virtual Tour in four regions: NA, LATAM, EMEA, and APAC.

Axway Partners Summit Virtual Tour

As proximity is so important in a partner relationship, each event was hosted by the regional management and presented with a mix of local and global speakers. Among the four partner summits, over 260 partners from 45 countries attended the tour.

As opening presentations, Axway General Managers explained how a partnership is more important than ever for Axway and reminded partners of our main business drivers: digital acceleration, cost savings, and increased focus on security.

They also reviewed how – as an independent vendor – Axway’s strategy, vision, and investments in the  AMPLIFY™ platform are enhancing business opportunities for our partners. Combining our partners’ ability to establish themselves as trusted advisors with the strength of our proven technology leads to true customer satisfaction.

Axway Catalysts

Our Axway Catalysts explained their roles in helping customers put their transformational projects on a path to success. They also presented how partners can leverage the Catalyst approach and workshops jointly with customers.

On the product side, product management shared Axway’s vision and how we address real-world complexity. The partners took away with the differentiators of the AMPLIFY platform, as well as the business value. They also got the opportunity to be updated on the AMPLIFY roadmap and portfolio priorities.

As customer stories are key for our partners, our product marketing leaders presented how our customers were leveraging our platform to save costs and innovate faster without sacrificing security, while opening new markets thanks to the API-First approach.

Axway is putting a particular emphasis on supporting our partners along their journey with us, from the onboarding phase of the expansion. We described some examples of how we worked with partners to deliver the best projects at the partner site.

At the heart of our partners’ success is partner enablement. A lot of partners discovered the new enablement platform, Axway University, a real game-changer for partner enablement. This resource provides learning paths for sales, presales, and consultants profiles leading to certification. We also presented our resource for co-innovation with our Griffin Lab and partner marketing opportunities.

A huge thank you to all of our partners who took the time to join us for the virtual sessions in this challenging time. Watch your regional session on-demand at Axway University.

The 2020 Virtual Partners Summit tour is over, but the journey continues on Partner LinkedIn Page, Partner Portal, and the Axway Community. Let’s keep in touch!

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