What is Hybrid Integration Platform? How to grow your company forward.

Hybrid Integration Platform
Hybrid Integration Platform

In a world of fast-paced, ever-changing technology, the term hybrid integration platform (HIP) is being batted around often these days. But for the layperson, the term and its meaning are simply baffling and truly hard to comprehend.

What is a hybrid integration platform?

A hybrid integration platform, also called HIP, allows on-premise solutions to seamlessly and securely integrate with cloud-based applications. This allows your IT team to fast-track innovation and enhance efficiency and lower the risk factors in accomplishing integration.

The hybrid integration platform helps to fuse the platform between your existing system (e.g., databases, applications, warehouses, etc.). Is it clear now? Are you still perplexed and confused?

OK, simply put, it solves the problem of relocating your prior existing information from on-premises systems and creates new systems to make way for true innovation for your company. This drives new business strategies and business models. Now I ask you, what could be better in a tech world? Well, now it finally makes sense!

Ask yourself, why even bother using a hybrid integration platform?

The bigger question to ask is why even bother using a hybrid integration platform? What’s the real purpose of such a system and why do we even need it in our companies’ lives?

To begin with, the conversion to an all cloud-integration application isn’t always the greatest way to go for all businesses and models, but clearly using an out-of-date system is also an antiquated and a truly bad idea.

Hybrid integration platforms provide the perfect harmony for large and bold corporations who have the guts to go forward with new technology, making certain that businesses have a full-view-world perspective when going forward.

Axway Amplify brings together this power-building solution and allows your company to flourish while bringing best-in practices to the fore.

For starters, top innovators are now adopting hybrid integration platforms that support a variety of uses and causes for their companies. This enables the user to connect and share information, unite numerous strategies, fuse integration ideas, and deploy those applications anywhere in the world—it does sound amazing!

To learn more about HIP and how you can leverage this technology to power your business in the right direction, read our list of hybrid integration articles to propel your technology in the right direction.

In order to utilize effectively hybrid integration platforms, one must clearly study the applications to better understand why HIP is such a unique and powerful tool for companies to move to the next and most powerful level. There’s a reason that Axway was named “Market Leader in Middleware-as-a-Service for Hybrid Integration.” They bring their best-in practices to your arena.

Axway brings to the fold years of brilliant innovation and expert technologies and products, like Axway Amplify, which allows your partners to create a powerful network that meets the demands of the consumer. This enables your company to stay ahead in a constantly adapting market—further reason to migrate over to HIP.

Let’s be clear

Let’s be clear and in the know! Ignoring the cloud and HIP is simply not a clever option if a company wants to stay competitive and on point in the marketplace, this is a fact! HIP opens up a vast range of possibilities for companies to grow the services that they provide in the world.

Further, using the hybrid integration platform helps to save money and further costs within a company by decreasing the amount of oversized clunky hardware the company has to maintain and purchase. This clearly makes for a more cost-efficient and obvious better solution for your company. In the end, this also creates a better bottom-line for your company. Now that is a win-win for all involved!

Further compelling reasons for a hybrid integration platform and why your company needs HIP

HIP is the perfect complement for companies to integrate with cloud-based data. Companies rarely get rid of their overwhelming clutter and out-of-date data, while further being slow to adapt to changing markets and technologies. In order to drive a business forward in the right direction of the tech world, a company must always invest in new technologies—plain and simple.

It’s an essential and key component of the complex and changing world of technology. We all know that technology changes as quickly as the weather, but Axway provides the know-how and much-needed product base to allow your company to meet the continuous developments that are taking place around the world. See Axway’s product-driven list for further details on how you can drive your company’s innovation to succeed and flourish.

Privacy and security needs

Without a doubt, many companies are very concerned about their sensitive data being stored in the cloud—obviously who wouldn’t be? Yet, with HIP, all your sensitive data remains on the premises while insensitive data can stay in the cloud—another win-win for your company. This allows companies to monitor their data while being able to control and record their movements in a fast-paced world. Say goodbye to hackers and breathe easy!


Full cloud integration solutions can cause many headaches and problems with changing regulations. For example, some nations do not allow data that originates in their countries to leave, so moving over to a cloud-only based system is simply not feasible. These kinds of constraints can be overcome with hybrid integration platforms.

While many, but certainly not all, companies are moving towards cloud integration, hybrid integration platforms allow a business to formulate their own conclusions about cloud integration in their own time and space, while addressing their own unique concerns. Innovating carefully moves a business in the right direction to meet the best in practical strategies for their companies to flourish.

What strategy is needed for hybrid integration platforms?

Let’s be honest, hybrid integration platforms are always changing and their ability to connect cloud-based, mobile, and on-premise resources, allows for greater flexibility in the tech world. Yet, ineffective and poor choices can downgrade their abilities and usefulness. An effective strategy must always be in place to gain the most efficient use of a hybrid integration platform.

For starters, companies first and foremost, must invest in the system itself—end of story! Without proper investment in this kind of technology because of delays and simply being too cautious simply won’t cut it in today’s fast-moving world. Axway products allow your company to take your system to the next and best competitive level.

Further investigation

Further investigation, continuous integration, and full-on investment are truly the keys to keeping up with a very competitive market in a fast-paced universe. People and companies must keep up-to-date with the evolving technology and continually read on a daily basis to be fully knowledgeable about changing solutions and HIP.

Axway blogs allow you to keep on top of the numerous changing perspectives while bringing you the most useful resources and product information. In order to understand the format, one must always keep up with the changing landscape—that’s simply a fact!


After reading this piece, what can one take away from this article? For one thing, HIP is the way of the future—without a question. A company without cloud-based systems in place is likely to lose cost-efficiency, among other things.

Further, a HIP program allows a company to enhance its business in an ever-changing business world. According to researchandmarkets.com, “HIP will grow from $17.14B in 2017 to $33.6B in 2022.”

One can see from this data that the importance and future potential of hybrid integration platforms is evident. HIP allows for content communication to easily flow in a global marketplace. HIP provides the best of both the cloud and on-premise capabilities.

Companies that move to this format end up with a more competitive-edged company and a better bottom-line result—isn’t that what all companies are striving for in the marketplace? HIP is the way of the future for companies who want to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and be knowledgeable.

Further, security is another compelling reason to migrate to the hybrid integration platform. HIP provides the best of both worlds for security and a true piece of mind—nothing compares to inner tranquility within the tech world and knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Hybrid integration platforms provide this capability and let your company remain competitive and grow and build for the future. The hybrid integration platform is the future! It allows for a global transition and interchange within companies. This enables connectivity on a whole new level and the playing field.

Learn about all things HIP in the Resource Center.

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