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REST vs GraphQL

REST vs. GraphQL: Making the right choice

In order to better understand the "REST vs. GraphQL" debate, it's useful to look at where GraphQL comes from. It started with Facebook's observation...
why JSON won over XML

API Formats: Why JSON won over XML

The vast majority of APIs today are using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to represent the structured data that they are exchanging. While JSON has been...

GraphQL vs. REST: When to choose which one?

GraphQL has been around for five years but quite frequently it still is seen as “the new kid on the block.” When it comes...

Event-driven vs REST API interactions

APIs are great! That's for sure! But let's take a closer look at what a REST API is. It’s an interaction pattern; the way...
What is REST API style

What is a REST API?

REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural style for designing decentralized systems. It originated from an architectural analysis of the Web and combines a...
API versus EDI

API versus EDI: can APIs replace EDI for B2B communications?

The following table highlights the differences and complements between EDI and API data integration on systems: EDI APIs BUSINESS ATTRIBUTES Partner-oriented Application-oriented and user-oriented Industry standards-based Technical standards-based Business application friendly Mobile device friendly Medium...

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