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Servin’ Up Digital: Culinary Answer to Digital Business’s (Burning) Questions

I must confess, I’m a damn foody! In my former life, I worked in gastronomy for years. Today I have close friends running restaurants all over Europe. Whenever we meet, we talk about new food trends and recipes. And, of course, how to run the perfect kitchen.

Path towards digital

If I am talking to chefs about the problems organizations are facing on their path towards Digital, they nod with intense agreement all the time. They know the problem. They know what is needed to satisfy customers, how to be highly effective—with just the right effort and how to gain maximum revenue. They know how to improve day by day. They just know how to run a real operation driven by the quest for the very best customer experience!

Driven for answers

And I’m constantly driven to look for answers in different places rather than just looking for an answer where the problem arises. Maybe because it’s easier to make a list of jobs I did for the pure joy and love of helping others—than the list of jobs I made for money.

There were times when I thought this would be disappointing and I would look back on my career path with possible regret, but, this exercise granted me an epiphany!

As it turns out, I began to think of my six years of educational coaching education as the cherry on the layer cake of my life’s work. I began to look upon my life-coaching as a deep, rich reservoir and the ultimate source for solutions and stories to help organizations leverage Digital. READ MORE: What is digital transformation for those who still ask?

Leverage Digital

At the same time, I realized that these coaching experiences could be combined with the experience of devoting one’s self to serving people just as my culinary comrades have done over the years.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I hereby invite you to experience this rich concoction—the ultimate cooking show—designed to delight those challenged with technology transformation in a brand new way! We’ll take full advantage of the notion that there is one place where people can truly be relaxed enough to embrace change and the notion of serving others—their kitchen!

We’ll meet Digital Leaders from all over the world and learn how their minds work through their cooking—what it really means to work as a team and get ready for change, as well as what moves them and matters to them most in their journey to leverage Digital—and we’ll do this in their very own kitchens. You won’t believe the insights and excitement we’ll discover through the most primordial method of co-collaboration humankind has known for centuries—cooking together and serving each other. Together, we’ll be SERVIN’ UP DIGITAL!

So please stay tuned, subscribe to our channel, leverage digital and #DontMissASingleShow!

I’m looking forward to coming back to all your questions, suggestions and remarks in the comments section.

Go behind the scenes in the first episode of Servin’ Up Digital.


I just want to thank the whole team that made the Servin’ Up Digital show possible.
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@Sven Loof – Culinary advisor & Chef |
@Maude von Giese – Scenographer |