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AI Suite 2.4+

Great news! AI Suite 2.4+ is available [French translation provided]

AI Suite 2.4 was released in April 2019 and was a big step toward removing our Flash Player dependencies with the new version of...
What is API integration

What is API integration?

APIs are ubiquitous these days! From entering your information when purchasing something online to mobile phones or e-business applications, all things come back to...
dockers and kubernetes

Demystifying Docker and Kubernetes

Over the last few years, software containers have dramatically changed the way IT organizations build, deploy, run and maintain applications. The cost benefits and...
Microservices Governance

What is Microservices Governance?

Microservices Governance is a term that takes microservices one step further. It’s a practice or method that sets up policies, principles and solid preparations...
Managed cloud offering

From the trenches: A real-life experience in DevOps, Agile, CI/CD and containerization

Earlier this year, we decided to do a major update to the Axway Managed Cloud offering for API Management. This is a managed service...
service mesh

What is a service mesh and what are its benefits?

What is a service mesh? A service mesh is an abstraction that allows application and service developers to focus on the business value of...
DevOps pipeline - An assembly line analogy

DevOps pipeline–an assembly line analogy

It is a well-known fact that the car industry went through an evolution and perfected a highly efficient approach to manufacturing cars. It went...
DevOps definition

How DevOps and microservices help companies innovate faster 

Airbnb, Netflix, Google… What do they all have in common? In the next installment of the continuing video series on APIs and microservices, DevOps...
Axway Vortrag unter Top 5

Care for the future: OOP conference in Munich (Article in German)

For the third time in a row, Axway was a sponsor at the OOP conference for software architecture at the ICM Munich. Our own...
5 Strategies for Making the Switch from Monolith to Microservices

5 strategies for making the switch from monolith to microservices

Once you’ve decided microservices are right for your organization, what’s next? While refactoring your application is a worthwhile decision, it is a long-term investment...

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