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Top 10 API trends for 2021

2021 Digital Transformation Trends are a key indicator for the future of APIs. APIs run the world and 2020 saw a huge increase in...
UK MaPS and Open Banking

UK MaPS and Open Banking

If you look at the “open” initiatives being considered, investigated, researched, or implemented around the world, the most prominent and advanced are building on...
KPIs for APIs

KPIs for APIs: How they are used in the real world

APIs are an essential component of today's digitalization and digital transformation efforts. But how can you define and measure the status and success of...

That’s how you get ants–communication, it’s not all talk!

When we speak to one another, we do so intending to convey information, just not always the information we intend. That's right, sometimes the message...

Listen to the sounds your company makes

As you wander through cubicle land or navigate the landmines of an open office, you may hear soda cans opening and furious typing, quiet...

Why you need separate API policies

What are API policies and why do you need to keep them separate? API policies are solid proficiencies within an API system that allows...

Are Streaming APIs Event-Driven By Default?

We were working through some of our profiling of common web APIs today, as well as some of Websocket, webhook, a Kafka APIs. Exploring...

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