Top 10 API trends for 2021

2021 Digital Transformation Trends are a key indicator for the future of APIs. APIs run the world and 2020 saw a huge increase in the dependency on API creation, management, and consumption. We will see this increase even more in 2021.

Why are API trends important to follow and understand?

Since almost every mobile app and website is powered by APIs, understanding these trends will equip you to make business decisions that will impact how competitive you can be in this ever-changing world.

Here are the top API trends for 2021!

10. Growing public awareness of APIs

A global shift to remote work and online ordering has brought awareness of APIs to the masses. This will only grow as APIs are elevated to product status in enterprises.

9. Focus on API Design standards

The increased development and adoption of APIs has made proper API Design a critical step. Initiatives for standards such as OpenAPI and AsyncAPI will also continue to grow.

8. Streaming and Async APIs

Feature-rich applications mean more content is being sent over APIs. Adoption of Streaming and Async APIs lowers bandwidth and costs by allowing data to be streamed to consumers on any platform.

7. API Developer Experience

This competitive API market means that APIs can no longer be haphazardly released. APIs must follow best practices and have great documentation and support to succeed today.

6. API strategy and maturity

A post-COVID world has forced enterprises to solidify their API strategy to reach an API maturity that allows them to succeed in a very competitive world.

5. Hybrid API Management

APIs do not live exclusively on-premise or in the cloud. Real-world APIs are a mixed bag and enterprises depend on proven Hybrid API Platforms to manage them properly.

4. Low-Code API Development

Developing APIs using Low-Code API platforms gives enterprises the flexibility to create and manage their APIs using a wider range of technical skill sets.

3. Measuring APIs with KPIs

Enterprises are now managing APIs as products. This requires defining the right KPIs and measuring them to communicate business value to stakeholders.

2. API security and governance

With API usage skyrocketing, they have become a target for hackers and thieves. Securing APIs has never been more important than it is right now.

1. API privacy and encryption

Privacy concerns have led to an increase in encrypted APIs (such as the Signal and Telegram apps) and a public outcry over APIs being used to track people and their private data.

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