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Why Embedded Analytics is on the rise?

While some organizations are still wondering whether they should invest on Embedded Analytics and what benefits it brings to their employees and customers, I wanted to share a great survey published by Logi Analytics that describes how much this subject has been on the rise since the last few years.
So what is Embedded Analytics? Embedded Analytics is defined as the integration of analytics capabilities and content inside applications that people use everyday. Whether it’s a business application, a middleware or an API solution.
The key reason why Embedded Analytics is on the rise is simply because users want it.

  • indeed 87% of users want analytics embedded inside their applications. They don’t want separate applications, one for insights and another for action
  • and when they have access, 45% of application users really utilize embedded analytics in a regular basis
  • and even more surprising: 45% of an application’s value (perceived by end-users) is due directly to data and analytics available in that application

And what about software providers? Why they are investing on Embedded Analytics? The answer is simply because they make money with. In fact:

  • 93% of software providers say embedded analytics helped them increase revenue
  • 94% of software providers say that embedded analytics is important to their customers
  • 67%  of all applications have embedded analytics
  • 24% is what software providers charge on top of their core offering for embedded analytics

You can read the complete logi Analytics survey on their website.