Operational Intelligence for MFT

How to support a modern Managed File Transfer ecosystem

In the modern world, if you don’t have Managed File Transfer (MFT) in place, money transfers simply stop. Bills won’t get paid and orders certainly won’t get shipped. With all these items at stake, have you ever wondered how to support a modern Managed File Transfer ecosystem in today’s world?

Modern Managed File Transfer

In today’s changing technological environment, companies must be able to exchange data and files between the web, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile apps. Is your organization running at this optimum level?

In a global survey of 500 IT decision makers, nine out of 10 said that they expect MFT to become increasingly important. Yet, only two out of 10 said that they are confident that their current solution can meet the demands. With such lower numbers in confidence, companies that want to modernize must have the flexibility to meet legacy processes. When you don’t adapt and change with the times to new file transfer advancements and methods, you are simply left behind! Learn more about MFT facts here.

Ask yourself, does your MFT ecosystem measure up? Thanks to APIs, the process is easy to leverage with MFT as a service. When you go forth and step up your digital transformation efforts, you empower your business to the next level. How? By furthering your innovation process, you open up new money streams for your company.

Furthermore, MFT allows you to stay in checks and balances with security and compliance regulations. Thanks to APIs enabled by MFT, you speed up digital transformation making your MFT ecosystem a reality for tomorrow.

Other advantages to APIs being helped along by MFT is that you lower the costs for your organizations. Additionally, with a self-contained environment, you also reduce the number of requests that are necessary to get things done. By liberating your company of Shadow IT with API access, you support data and privacy policies to the full extent.


Keep your digital transformation moving forward with new possibilities for your company with MFT! Learn more about MFT advantages here.