Axway Managed File Transfer

It’s time to migrate XFB Gateway to Axway MFT

MFT has undergone some significant changes over the past years, and the truth is, older MFT solutions just won’t cut it in today’s fast-paced market. With our current Axway XFB Gateway reaching its end of life, it’s time to modernize your MFT infrastructure.

XFB Gateway is a communication gateway used to exchange files with external business partners connected via public networks. External interactions are growing every day, and over the years this gateway has become a critical asset for enterprises.

But with tougher security protocols, expanding ecosystems, and exploding file volumes, enterprises are facing new challenges every day in exchanging data. That’s why we build a complete solution: Axway Managed File Transfer.

Why Axway MFT? First of all, this isn’t just a refactoring of XFB Gateway, or another tool that “just” has MFT capabilities. Here’s a look at how Axway MFT improves workflows through automation, strengthens security and compliance, leverages operational intelligence tools for always-on availability, and lets you scale in the cloud when you’re ready.

Simplify your work with automation

With features like self-service through a Flow as code approach, Axway MFT simplifies flow deployment and allows non-technical or business users to automatically deploy flows within an approval process managed by the IT teams.

Axway MFT also introduces governance tools so you can manage all your file transfers from a single place – whether it’s with external partners or between internal applications.

The greatest improvement is the ability to create and publish pre-populated templates for various file transfer flows, empowering business or IT Application users with easy-to-use self-service capabilities to create new file transfers with customers and partners.

Here’s why self-service is so important:

  • it drastically reduces interaction between teams
  • it significantly speeds up the process: deploying a new can take up to 90% less time with Axway MFT
  • it significantly drives down the complexity and expense of running MFT operations.

Even though we provide a modern and useful web UI, let’s say your organization adopts a full DevOps methodology and doesn’t want to completely bypass a web UI to integrate data exchange in your CI/CD pipeline.

Our MFT solution is fully compliant with a Flow as code approach, so we provide a full set of REST APIs that can be used to automate the tasks and easily integrate them into third-party or custom applications.

Be prepared to scale when it’s time

An MFT solution is a critical asset for enterprises, and it needs to answer to be able to support their growth and all requirements that underline this status.

That’s why Axway MFT now offers native scalability and high availability architecture to address larger volumes and critical flows. Scalability authorizes an increase or decrease in the number of nodes as the workload fluctuates.

Cloud adoption is a reality for everyone, and we all know that a move to the cloud is a long journey and doesn’t happen overnight.

Axway MFT fully supports a hybrid deployment model, meaning you can deploy some components in your cloud, some in your datacenter, and use the Governance tool in the Axway managed cloud. Our solution is highly modular when it comes to deployment, so you can have it your way and scale when you’re ready.

Is Traditional Virtual Machine a swear word for you? It doesn’t have to be. Our solution is compatible with the new IT world of containers and ready to be deployed anywhere.

Leverage operational intelligence to work smarter

Security is an inherent value of Axway’s MFT solution, supporting both online/offline encryption as well as security architectures.

Many legacy systems can’t keep up with securing data at rest or in transit in a hybrid cloud context: our MFT solution can securely support any deployment and also provides audit trails with data protection every step of the way.

MFT Operational Intelligence with a predictive approach offers an analytics solution that helps customers anticipate their MFT transfers and guarantee their SLAs. Predictive monitoring, alerts, and actions backed by machine learning help you monitor file transfers and keep an eye on any vulnerabilities that may surface.

The best technology is one that can help you not only do your job faster, but also do your job before you even know it needs to be done. Make sure your MFT solution can leverage operational intelligence to recognize patterns, so that it can predict and notify you immediately as soon as something out of the ordinary happens.

In our day and age, you just don’t have the time – nor can you afford the risk – to continue to manually transfer files in a project-by-project approach. Axway MFT gives you the opportunity to embrace new challenges, and it makes transferring data between people, partners, businesses, and applications faster and easier.

Learn how Axway can lower the costs and mitigate the risks of upgrading your MFT operations to the cloud by delivering greater security, resiliency, and flexibility.