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Automate 90% of your file transfer operations with Axway’s self-service MFT

MFT software offers a lot of powerful capabilities that enable the secure and reliant file transfer automation that businesses need. But there’s a notable gap that surrounds many MFT operations: business-friendly self-service workflows and collaboration.

These elements are not traditionally in an MFT product’s domain. They must be enabled by integration through delegated administration, IT service management (ITSM), or custom-built portals.

Handling MFT’s service management and workflow/collaboration layers doesn’t have to be so complex. Axway’s self-service MFT solution accelerates secure file transfer adoption through a hands-on, business-friendly approach.

The best way to start unpacking the value of Axway’s self-service solution for MFT is to look at the typical partner onboarding process. As you do, you’ll see where complexities can arise with traditional approaches.

What the typical partner onboarding process looks like

Let’s set the scene: an internal user wants to exchange files with an external partner. The first step is usually to send an email to the MFT team to request file transfer setup.

Here’s the issue: These emails generally don’t include all the information MFT admins need. This missing information leads to more back-and-forth messages, spreadsheets, documents, and confusion.

On top of the extra work for MFT admins, other teams have to jump through hoops. Legal has to make sure agreements are up to date. Security has to ensure everything is safe. Data governance has to check that information can be shared.

The partner onboarding process can get complicated quickly:



Defining the MFT management experience through three methods

With Axway SecureTransport, customers can define the MFT management experience as they see fit. There are three approaches you could take.

1. Native UI

In this case, organizations grant business users access to a limited account in SecureTransport. The expectation is that, through detailed documentation, business users will be familiar with the steps to set up partners with accounts.

In essence, business users become mini MFT admins. However, the UI is still built for technical MFT admins. This makes it difficult for business users to use. All the while, they have to navigate the complexities of obtaining approvals.


Platforms like ServiceNow and Salesforce can initiate an API session with SecureTransport. In this case, business users don’t have direct access to SecureTransport. Instead, they fill in fields or select options from predefined lists to kick off the partner onboarding process.

With this approach, business users must know how to collect all the necessary information from partners. They’ll need to know how to input this data into a ticket and may have to submit multiple tickets for fulfillment.

Another issue is that business users have little or no access to the data source. This limitation makes it difficult for them to modify or delete existing accounts and flows.

3. Portal

The idea is to overlay SecureTransport with a customized portal — or, better yet, Axway’s self-service MFT solution. In this scenario, business users don’t need direct access to the MFT gateway. They also don’t need prior knowledge of setting up and managing partners or flows. This simplicity is thanks to a business-centric user experience for MFT management.

With Axway’s self-service MFT solution, business users can easily onboard partners in a user-friendly manner. At the same time, they can easily access analytics and reports and configure email communications to specific file transfers.

The solution also empowers partners to perform self-service tasks, from password resets to contact information verification. This capacity helps maintain enterprise compliance and business continuity, with governance controls baked into the mix.

Experience the benefits of self-service MFT

Ready to cut the time and effort it takes to create and deploy new MFT flows by up to 90%? By creating a self-service MFT user experience with Axway, you can.

As you speed up all the tasks to onboard a new partner and put transfers in place, you’ll lower costs and improve your MFT ROI.

Experience our self-service MFT solution for yourself. Watch this 20-minute demo.

Key Takeaways

  • Traditional MFT products don’t account for self-service workflows or collaboration.
  • Axway’s self-service MFT solution makes secure file transfer more consumable.
  • With Axway, businesses can onboard partners faster while maintaining enterprise compliance.