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Axway named an MFT champion

MFT ready

Today, whatever industry you are in, every single business interaction within and beyond the firewall relies on data exchange. Organizations that weren’t born in the digital era have typically relied on traditional file transfer technology for these exchanges.

However, today’s business demands require faster, more efficient, more versatile and more secure file transfers. And companies are increasingly turning to Managed File Transfer (MFT) or asking themselves if their MFT is ready to meet such requirements.

Why MFT?

Why MFT? In the digital business era, the exchange of data from more varied sources than ever before limits the capabilities of traditional methods of sharing information. By turning to MFT as an alternative, businesses can lower costs and increase security–eliminating risks inherent to legacy file transfer solutions or consumer-grade cloud-based services.

At the same time, organizations can adapt faster to required digital business reactivity in supporting DevOps, for instance. Info-Tech Research Group, in recognition of the importance of MFT, conducts a comprehensive analysis of the MFT vendor landscape and named Axway a “Champion” for the second consecutive time in their recently published “Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution”¹ report.

The report evaluated various managed file transfer solutions and examined 13 other vendors that offer broad capabilities and have a strong market and reputational presence among medium and large-sized enterprises. Info-Tech Research Group assessed vendors by the strength of their offerings and through this report pays tribute to the contributions of the most exceptional leaders in the space.

Axway named an MFT champion

Axway is proud to be recognized for the advanced functionality of our secure file transfer solutions. We are thrilled to have been named the “Champion” in the Server-to-Server Enterprise and Server-to-Server Mid-Market categories, a “Leader” in the Ad-Hoc Enterprise category, “Best In Class” for “Role-Based Security” due to our data flow governance capabilities, and also to hold the honor of being the sole vendor in the report designated as having all differentiating features in the MFT space present.

To download the 2015 Managed File Transfer Vendor Landscape excerpt, visit:

Our strong positioning in Info-Tech Research Group’s report is a testament to the commitment we have made to strengthen and improve our MFT solutions to our customers as they find a place in the digital business era. Here at Axway, we aim to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for a wide range of use cases in order to provide our customers with tangible business value and control to meet compliance demands.

Is your organization MFT ready? Learn how Axway can help.

¹Info-Tech Research Group, Select and Implement a Managed File Transfer Solution, 2015