Application Integration

Two minute video on how to create a streaming API

No need to ask you, future streamers: our course you want to know how to turn any API into a streaming API. Who wouldn’t, seriously?

Here is a two minute video that explains what we do and how to try our service on our demo proxy. You will learn how to create a data stream sourced by a JSON REST API: try it on any API!



We are using Xignite exchange rate API for this demo. More info about them here.

As you can see, using streaming isn’t so complicated. On top of providing value for end-user through the apps they use, streaming also brings a lot of value for app developers by increasing retention and engagement; and to API providers who will appreciate not having issues when it comes to scaling their API to handle more and more requests.

If you want to see how useful using a streaming API can be, you should take a minute to visit our API Gallery. We picked some API and decided to test them in order to help determine the kind of bandwidth or CPU you can save switching to streaming. You can also use the form at the bottom of the page to send us an API so that we can test it.


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