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Introducing our new Cloud CRM Integration for Salesforce

Like many departments, sales teams handle large amounts of content every day, from contracts to account plans, sales decks, datasheets and more. Since success doesn’t happen in a vacuum, sales teams need to collaborate with various extended teams both internally (sales operations, order processing, legal, marketing) and externally (customers, partners and suppliers). The content that sales needs are often stored in many places, for example, a CRM–file sharing solutions make it challenging to find the latest versions.

Cloud CRM Integration for Salesforce

With our new Cloud CRM Integration for Salesforce, you can eliminate file sprawl and frustration. With Syncplicity for Salesforce, your sales team will have access to all their files right from Salesforce. No more jumping from application to application.

Maximize ROI and reduce TCO

Because sales content is now accessible in Salesforce and Syncplicity, IT departments can redistribute Salesforce seats and streamline storage costs. For large businesses, CRM storage can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars every year, many enterprises recommend using external tools for cost savings. This can mean a loss in productivity. Our new CRM Cloud Integration is a great opportunity to increase productivity while streamlining storage costs.

Time is money

Simplify the sales process and delight your sales team. With Syncplicity for Salesforce, your sales team has access to all the content they need right from Salesforce. According to Nucleus Research, data accessibility for salespeople shortens their sales cycles by 8-14%.

With Syncplicity for Salesforce, salespeople have real-time access. For example, when closing an opportunity, after receiving a signed contract from a customer, the salesperson can upload that signed contract into a dedicated folder. From there, the order processing team can begin processing the customer’s order. So, with the new integration, it’s easier to collaborate on contracts.

Build the pipeline—Team Collaboration

There are multiple stages of building a pipeline. Content in various forms is essential. With Syncplicity for Salesforce, collaboration is streamlined. Whether it’s project files, critical customer information or assets like collateral, sales decks of video it’s all easily accessible in real-time. You can even share a link in Chatter with a colleague. According to research by based on the analysis of 21,392 sales opportunities, team selling increases your chances of closing a deal by up to 258% compared to selling solo.


The benefits of our new CRM Cloud Integration extend beyond providing access to files from Salesforce or even Syncplicity. The new integration is just an example of how powerful content services platforms are by providing organizations with a way to centralize, secure and manage content that can then be shared in other applications, between humans or added to business processes.

With the new Cloud CRM Integration, there are a lot of ways that businesses can benefit from connecting Syncplicity to their CRM. Additionally, the CRM Cloud Integration works with Service Cloud as well. To learn more about this exciting new development for an extended offer, visit our contact request page today.

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