Axway Cloud with AWS PrivateLink: Easy and Secure

Axway cloud services

Eliminate exposure of data to the internet. Axway Cloud services provide enterprise applications for integration, having MFT, B2B, API Management, and other specific services like Track and Trace with a few others. Axway has been at the forefront to ensure that customers get the best security and all-around solution, whether it’s on-premise or cloud install of applications, it’s our DNA.


AWS has launched PrivateLink, which simplifies the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by eliminating the exposure of data to the public internet. AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between VPCs, AWS services, and on-premises applications, securely on the Amazon network.

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Axway cloud services

Axway has worked with AWS to bring this capability to our offerings to help our customers get the best possible service and user experience. Across the portfolio of offerings on the Axway Cloud, we provide a secure environment for customer data, protecting it in transit with ease of setup. We leverage PrivateLink by running our services behind Network Load Balancer (NLB) and share it with customer VPC.

Customers can also access Axway cloud services with PrivateLink from the on-premise network via AWS Direct Connect, allowing hybrid connectivity with a single private network.

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With PrivateLink we are addressing the security concerns of our customers around data and allowing them to operate under one private network securely and reliably.

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