Streaming LinkedIn updates for company pages

We were surprised to see Twitter begin backing off from the number of streaming APIs they have for core social media account activity, and we are also surprised that other social networks don’t make streaming a default part of how they deliver social data.

We are actively working to help remedy this situation by proxying some of the most common API endpoints for the leading social networks. After spending some time on Twitter, and Flickr, we wanted to make sure we didn’t forget about the business, social network LinkedIn, so let’s take a look at streaming LinkedIn updates for company pages now.

After looking through the LinkedIn API, one of the most valuable API endpoints for keeping in tune with LinkedIn profile activity, are the sharing endpoint for a company. Allowing you to keep in tune with what each company is up to. To proxy and stream a company’s updates using the LinkedIn API and, all you need is the following cURL example:

curl -v "{id}/updates?format=json&X-Sd-Token=[streamdata api key]" -H "Authorization: Bearer [token]"

Make sure you don’t forget that format=json command, as will only work with JSON responses. You will just replace {id} with the id for the company LinkedIn page you want to stream and update the command with your token. Make sure you also apply a bearer token for a valid LinkedIn API application, from under your account settings, which will handle the authentication with the LinkedIn API, as well as with your account.

You will need to setup a single stream for each company you are monitoring, but you could easily aggregate streams across multiple companies. We also recommend looking at using sessionStorage to store results client-side in the browser if you are delivering your LinkedIn company update streams to the browser. If you have any questions about streaming LinkedIn updates data from their API feel free to reach out, as we are happy to help you fine-tune your social data streams, and make sure you are getting access to the data you need.

Streaming LinkedIn Updates For Company Pages

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