Streams joins the Axway family

Axway CEO Patrick Donovan announced the purchase of at this week’s IMAGINE SUMMIT in Chantilly, France. The acquisition drives additional value for customers adopting Axway’s hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™ by providing streaming or event-driven API support, enabling users to receive real-time data, where and when they need it.

First, let’s talk a little more about who is This French start-up helps organizations discover the value of their data by leveraging event-driven infrastructure. With over eight years of experience and research in API management, provides clients and partners greater insight through the entire lifecycle.

Gartner estimates that “By 2020, 50% of organizations managing APIs will incorporate event-driven APIs in their architecture.”¹ The addition of an event-driven platform aligns perfectly with Axway’s core AMPLIFY API Management offering and will assist clients to discover the advantages of adopting streaming including availability for real-time data, bandwidth optimization, incremental updates and dynamic cache.

“AMPLIFY has APIs at the core of the interaction. Enabling event-driven APIs enhances our Application Integration, Mobile Integration, Content Collaboration, Managed File Transfer and B2Bi offerings,” said Vince Padua, CTIO at Axway. “In fact, anything in the Axway portfolio that is leveraging APIs will benefit from the addition of this capability into the platform.” brings two important additions to Axway’s AMPLIFY. The first is event-driven API management, enabling integration and application leaders to evolve beyond just supporting request-response APIs, to now supporting real-time and event-driven use cases. The second is a methodology for the digital transformation journey designed around full lifecycle API adoption and maturity.’s Distribute™ allows companies to consume and publish events alongside APIs to augment request/response REST APIs and batch applications with streams of events. Distribute augments your existing APIs with an event-driven layer for use by your mission-critical clients and partners so that they will always have the most up-to-date, critical business data. Distribute provides a modular and scalable way to augment any existing API infrastructure with an event-driven layer for publishing data from any existing API or webhooks. Customers can then organize data via logical topics, and in turn makes them available as real-time streams of data and content that can be used in web, mobile, and other applications.

Journey™ workshops are consulting services to help companies develop and progress along their API Lifecycle. Journey helps enterprises think about and evolve their API strategy and plan the execution of their API journey. The methodology is designed to provide customers with the base they need and a set of services, tools, and other resources to educate customers as they work to deliver APIs across large organizations.

The API Gallery is intended to showcase different APIs in categories in order to showcase the potential APIs you can proxy with’s Distribute™. The technology behind the gallery leverages Github, and Github Pages to publish the sprawling gallery and uses the OpenAPI specification as the data core behind the gallery. This turns the gallery into a machine-readable, continuously integratable catalog of valuable APIs that can potentially be streamed using our services.

According to Eric Horesnyi, CEO of, “Joining Axway allows us to stay ahead of the curve in Event-Driven APIs by addressing an incredible customer base of 11,000 companies in 100 countries, and helping companies integrate secure real-time data. We now look forward to paving the way jointly for the most innovative Hybrid Integration Platform ever conceived to the benefit of our current and future customer base. Thanks to all the people who have contributed and contribute to what has built.”

Axway will consolidate activities in its accounts in the second quarter of 2019. We welcome to the Axway family!

Axway VP Marketing for EMEA, Pierre Baudin, interviews CEO, Eric Horesnyi, at IMAGINE SUMMIT Europe.

¹Gartner, The Impact of Event-Driven IT on API Management, Mark O’Neill, Paolo Malinverno, published 30 March 2017, refreshed 5 September 2018