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World Backup Day: Back that… data up!

World Backup Day: Back that… data up!

Did you know that March 31st is World Backup Day? World Backup Day is calling attention to the importance of backing up your files, so you don’t:

1) lose important data;

2) have to go through the hassle of recovering all of your data.

There are many instances when someone can lose their data–a virus attacks your computer or your device gets stolen. Without a backup plan in place, all that data can be LOST as well.

Here are some surprising stats that outline how prevalent data loss can be:

• 30% of people have NEVER backed up their data;

• Only one in four people make regular backups of their data;

• 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute;

• One in 10 computers is infected with a virus each month.

World Backup Day

The stats say it all–it’s clear you need to have a solid backup plan in place. That’s where Syncplicity comes in. Read how to collaborate and share files securely in a modern workplace here. Syncplicity offers real-time document protection and backup so you can:

• Automatically back up working documents in real time;

• If a computer dies, access files from another computer or device to keep working without missing a beat;

• Recover previous versions of files instantly.

Want to hear about a real-life success story?

A major global airline enlisted the help of Syncplicity to back up all their employee’s desktop files. They needed a solution that was seamless and allowed them to securely access file and folders from any device. Syncplicity gives them full document backup and protection across all devices. Learn more about their success story here.

More of a visual person? This cartoon sums up what you need to know about Syncplicity backup.

If you’re interested in learning more, take the pledge to back up your files today at World Backup Day here. Don’t be that person who loses their files.

Check out this video and see how you can easily restore your documents in real time with Syncplicity.