API News Roundup for March 22, 2019

API News Roundup for March 22, 2019

This has been a busy last two weeks for API news. Below is our API News Roundup for March 22, 2019.

API News Roundup

Axway acquires to advance event-driven APIs for its Customers

Axway acquired 100% of the share capital of, a software publisher based in France and the United States specializing in real-time data distribution.’s expertise strengthens the capabilities of Axway’s AMPLIFY™ hybrid integration platform, notably the API Management offering, by providing new technology capabilities and methodology.

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Apple Buys Payments API Developer Stamplay

API integration developer Stamplay isn’t a household name, but that’s the type of company Apple tends to acquire: a small business that could enhance or expand its existing offerings. Italian publication 24 Ore reports today that Apple has purchased the Rome-based startup, which notably won a contest to make the best use of new Visa APIs.

Read the full article on Venture Beat.

Buying Stock in Tech Building Blocks

Amazon gets lots of credit and flak for turning retail upside down; it also earns plaudits for its pioneering cloud-computing business. But in a still-unfurling development, the seismic shift that Amazon wrought in the IT world has spawned a whole new business category—providers of “APIs” — that has already begun paying off for a few prescient investors.

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7 Top Nutrition APIs

Getting proper nutrition makes us feel better, look better and perform better, and there is no shortage of applications out there to help us to do it. So it’s no wonder one of the most popular Application Program Interface (API) categories on ProgrammableWeb lately is the Nutrition category.

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Is logistics finally ready for APIs?

The proliferation of application programming interfaces (APIs) across a range of international logistics functions is an encouraging step toward the digitization of freight and signals the industry is ready to embrace more efficient means of system-to-system communication.

Read the full article on the Journal of Commerce.

That concludes our API News Roundup — March 22, 2019. Have API stories you wanted include in our future API roundups? Email me your story headline and link. Then look for our next API news roundup in two weeks!

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