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ANNOUNCEMENT: The new Support APIs are here

Support Portal APIs

We are happy to announce that our new Support Portal APIs are now available.

Developers on the Axway AMPLIFY platform can use this API to access our Support Services through API requests. Using Axway Support Portal APIs enables Axway customers and their developer teams to link Axway Support cases management and monitoring to any existing system, to integrate into workflows or to create brand new custom applications that connect to Axway Support services.

Support Portal APIs

With Support Portal APIs, we are excited to provide a better developer and user experience for our customers’ developer ecosystem. This new addition to Axway Support services will help Axway customers create new ways to follow their support requests to suit every role in their organization. We are excited that this technology will enable Axway customers to put in place self-service for the interaction with Axway Support.

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By leading to more scalable solutions, the adoption of Support Portal API usage will allow everyone to find the right information easier and at the right time.

This new Support Portal API opens nearly endless new possibilities for our customers to envision, design and implement bespoke integrations with Axway Support services uniquely suitable for each business case, business unit or any role which business depends on interaction with Axway Support service.

We remain decisively committed that each customer should get the best support for Axway products and services!

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You can access the new Support Portal APIs in developer mode here directly or by navigating to AMPLIFY Developer Portal and select “Support Portal API.” Follow the steps on AMPLIFY API Portal to authenticate or sign up for AMPLIFY Platform account, create and start designing your new Applications.

Give it a try and let us know your feedback at Axway Community.