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future of API Portals

From APIs to value: The future of API Portals

APIs are the fundamental building blocks of Digital Transformation: They expose capabilities, and when used in the context of an API-First Strategy they also demand that everything...
Differences between an API Portal and a Unified Catalog

Differences between an API Portal and a Unified Catalog

As companies are maturing, they’re looking for new ways of shaping their digital transformation. But they soon realize that having just an API Portal...
API Portals importance

API Portals: Why are they important?

We often think of APIs in a very technical way, but in reality, APIs are about providing business offerings and value. Many organizations treat...
How companies are using API management

How companies are using API Management

In the digital era, most companies expose their APIs to engage with their partners, consumers, users or application developers to expand their businesses. Most...
What is an API Portal

What is an API Portal?

An API Portal bridges the gap between Products and Community. In technical terms, it's the interface (usually a website) between API Providers (produces APIs)...
capabilities of API Management Platform

Five capabilities every API Management Platform should have

I am often asked, what are the five capabilities of an API Management Platform and what should they have? My answer starts with the...
API Portal

Tips for choosing the right API Portal

Selecting an API Portal with the right features is critical to your business because that’s the only communication channel between the API Product Manager...
API portals

Experience Design: API Portals foster engagement and innovation

Harold Wiegers and I bring years of experience designing and building API programs with talented colleagues and leaders in various industries. We've worked with...
API Catalog

What is an API Catalog?

All APIs should be listed and browsable inside a unified API Catalog. That sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Unfortunately, it takes...
microservices and APIs

API creation and microservices going mainstream

Building API-based and sophisticated microservices are going more and more mainstream these days. As a consequence of addressing the full lifecycle of APIs, this...

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