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APIdays Paris: All things lead back to APIs

APIdays Paris

Not even a French transit strike could derail the power of APIs; APIdays Paris was in full pursuit from December 9-11. People came from far and wide to attend this stimulating event about all-things APIs.

APIdays Paris: Axway a proud global sponsor

APIdays is the leading API conference event for networking and discovering deep insights into APIs. Axway was a proud global sponsor of the event which focused around “From Legacy to Agile, From Product to Ecosystem.”

With thousands of people on hand to attend workshops and presentations from different companies and topics, APIdays Paris made for three strategic days of discovering new value in APIs. Many topics covered at the event included API security threats, driving innovation through APIs to API design, to name a few.

APIdays Paris
APIdays Paris

READ MORE: Axway’s a proud global sponsor of APIdays.

Axway was buzzing

A great buzz was going on around Axway’s booth. Representatives were on hand to discuss new and effective ways to take your company forward with a sound API strategy with AMPLIFY(TM): ONE PLATFORM, ONE EXPERIENCE, MULITPLE INTEGRATIONS. Participants learned from demos and exciting discussions on how AMPLIFY brings a sound approach to your API strategy.

Day Two

Day two was chock-full of exciting presentations. Devy Samy, Principal Presales Consultant from Axway presented the workshop:  “Well Crafted API Models: Key to Streaming Workflows.”

The answer lies in the customer’s journey. In the beginning, the evolution of software architecture started as “spaghetti-oriented architecture,” which connected systems. By the 90s, it evolved to the “lasagna-oriented architecture,” with more layered monolith applications and being tightly connected. Flash forward to 2010, to the “ravioli-oriented architecture,” allowing for microservices to connect it together and also work independently.

Devy Samy presenting her workshop.

The goal is to increase the pipeline with the customer journey. From measuring their satisfaction, listening to customer involvement and notifying teams with internal messaging platforms which uses many applications—the end result? Axway’s AMPLIFY. Getting data from anywhere at the right time is what it’s all about.

Bottom line: Connect, Transform and Orchestrate! AMPLIFY connects unified APIs to bring about digital transformation. AMPLIFY combines integrations to help stream workflows for your company.

Day three

On the last day of APIdays Paris, more thrilling topics were presented. From bringing law and order to APIs, what makes an API product successful to how APIs can improve revenue streams were just some topics covered on the last day.

Erik Wilde presenting

Axway’s Erik Wilde, API Catalyst, offered a stimulating presentation on API the APIs, or Good API Governance through Self-Describing APIs.

“Using APIs in a better way is part of the Catalysts goal at Axway.” Erik Wilde

Erik’s presentation centered around getting the most from your APIs. For starters, Good API Governance requires that APIs be decentralized and scalable. Further, “governance needs insight, interface and nudging.” Digital transformation with APIs requires a high velocity of API centric architecture. This requires specific goals on strategy.

Erik also stated that you need an API Program that results in a diverse landscape. This landscape requires a solid API Management strategy that requires clear-cut insights into APIs. Erik also mentioned that a robust API Portal is required. APIs are always evolving so having a solid API description that is independent of API technology brings secure implementation.

Erik stated that you also need API labels to make your APIs available by API identity: Description, documentation and API Labels. All these items are identified. Labels help to describe certain aspects of APIs. With labels, you have the first line of defense in API Management, which builds governance and allows you to communicate via your API.

It’s a wrap!

APIdays Paris brought a wealth of knowledge to the table for all those who attended. If you were not in the loop before on APIs, you left being fully educated on all the possibilities that APIs provide for your enterprise. They don’t say “API-First” for nothing!

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