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Join Axway for APIdays Melbourne on September 19-20, 2019

APIdays Melbourne

Get ready! Axway’s global sponsorship of APIdays continues in Melbourne. Be a part of the APIdays Melbourne ride and join Axway September 19th and 20th to network with your peers, as well as discover all the new and vital information on all-things APIs.

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What is APIdays?

APIdays brings together a worldwide group of API aficionados in their respective fields. APIdays has been conquering the globe from Paris to San Francisco and beyond with their leading industry tech and business conferences in the API market.

There’s no denying it! APIs bring power to the consumer and beyond.

With APIdays Melbourne, you will have the chance to learn more in-depth about API strategy, API execution, as well as platforms and architecture.

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APIdays Melbourne–why attend?

APIdays Melbourne provides the best-in-class API innovators who will be on hand to present informative sessions. Anand Rai, Director Sales Engineering APAC, API, Microservices and Service Mesh Management at Axway will speak at the Breakout Session 3: Platforms & Architecture from 15:40 pm to 16:10 pm: Deploying APIs and microservices via GitOps and managing them via Istio.

On September 20th from 13:30 to 14:00 pm, Axway’s Uli Hitzel will be on hand to present at the Workshop a session on Well Crafted API Models: Key to Streamlining Workflows. 

APIdays has been spanning the planet in over 11 countries with 41 events so far, 20,000 attendees, along with 1,500+ speakers. With over 35 events from around the world on APIs and 80 sponsors globally, APIdays has packed the API houses universally.

The fun continues at APIdays Melbourne!

Did anyone say, “Treasure Hunt”? Join Axway for a fun and engaging Treasure Hunt where you can win 1,000 dollars using APIs. Participants can sign up at the Axway Booth, fill out a form where your details will be sent via e-mail. Once they find the “treasure,” participants will receive a personalized “receipt” which they then e-mail back to Axway. Axway will draw a winner from the pool of successful players.

Stop by our booth for the first clue. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to win using APIs.

Are you ready for APIdays Melbourne? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of this exceptional API event.

Register for APIdays today for September 19th and 20th in Melbourne, Australia. You won’t want to miss Anand Rai and Uli Hitzel’s riveting presentations along with the other exciting events.