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Axway, sponsor of the Grand Prix of Business Model Transformation with BFM Business.

Axway sponsor of Grand Prix de la Transformation

The Grand Prix of Digital Acceleration is a prestigious competition, organized by BFM Business, which rewards the most innovative digital transformation projects with a gala dinner on October 3rd at the Ritz Paris, in the company of 200 managers.

BFM Business is France’s first business news channel with more than 380,000 viewers every week.

This year Axway is sponsoring the Digital Acceleration Awards in the category Business Model Transformation. For the first time, Axway is partnering with BFM Business, notably through the Grand Prix of Digital Acceleration, where we are organizing the selection and award of the prize in the category “Grand Prix de la Transformation des Business Models.”

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The Grand Prix of Digital Acceleration is a contest organized by BFM Business that rewards the most outstanding digital transformation projects and is aimed at all large companies wanting to highlight their teams that are constantly working to modernize, digitalize and transform their company.

One of Axway’s missions is to guide companies along in their innovation projects and in their determination to better interact with their ecosystem and promote the co-creation of new digital services for their customers. This way, we help companies to transform their business models and gain a competitive edge.

At Axway, we aim to make our company known, demonstrate our expertise, highlight our solutions… but what we prefer above all is to tell the beautiful stories of our customers–and there are plenty of them!

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Therefore, we are very proud to announce the launch of this initiative that highlights and rewards innovative company projects. And you’ll see, it’s exciting!

Three key moments

Step 1: Call for nominations

Until Friday, September 6, 2019, companies are invited to register their projects and to compete in one of the following five categories:

Retail, Banking & Insurance, Industry 4.0, HR – Human capital, Business model transformation

The Axway sponsored category in the Digital Acceleration Awards, Business Model Transformation, is reserved for all companies that have developed an innovation, collaboration or exchange project that has led them:

  • to expand its ecosystems;
  • to create new services;
  • to transform its business model.

Step 2: Morning Audition

For each category, a morning jury meeting will be held in the BFM Business studios to select a winning project per category. The audition for the Grands Prix de la Transformation des Business Models will take place on Friday,  September 20, 2019.

Moderated by Frédéric SIMOTTEL, Editorialist at BFM BUSINESS, the jury composed of COMEX members from large companies and in the presence of Axway will meet during the jury morning. All candidates will pitch their projects and by vote the jury will select one winning project per category.

Step 3: The Grand Final

The awards ceremonies will take place on October 3rd at the Ritz Paris. The five winners (one winner per category) will present their projects to 200 CEOs and COMEX members of large companies. At the end of the evening, a vote will be held to elect the best 2019 digital transformation project.

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