IMAGINE SUMMIT Australia–three cities in three days 2019


Starting the week off in the sunny state of Queensland, Axway’s team of product and solution experts were all fired up for the first of three and a half days of IMAGINE SUMMIT Australia along the east coast. An evening on Brisbane’s riverfront, followed by an early morning at Melbourne’s bustling Southbank, as well as finally wrapping up, we soaked up the autumn sun at Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour, let’s see what the team was up to…

One platform, one experience, multiple integration patterns

Newly appointed General Manager for the APAC region, Bill Kearney, welcomed our guests, customers, partners and colleagues as he shared his vision for the future. And, with everyone eager and inspired to hear what’s next in the year ahead for Axway, he officially launched and introduced our next evolution – the hybrid integration platform AMPLIFY™.

Further, all the way from the United States, we were delighted to have Axway’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Vince Padua, bring this announcement to life. Vince delved deeper into the intricate details of the platform’s development and how it will enable customers to advance through the acceleration of innovation, improvement in efficiency and reduction of risk.

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Customer Experience Panels: Moving beyond digital transformation

With so much attention and discussion around digital transformation and IT Innovation, everyone is thinking about and dealing with these demands, so to address that interest, Vince hosted a panel discussion in each of the three cities. The aim of the panels was to share lessons and best practices around technology, people and processes that are coming together to help navigate and innovate through the digital transformation and IT innovation journey.

Our panelist speakers included industry leaders from Suncorp, Qantas, QLD Health, Australia Post, The Star Entertainment Group, Department of Premier and Cabinet, 3Pillars, KPMG and The Marlo Group.

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IMAGINE SUMMIT Australia–special guests

What a treat it was to have special guest speaker Melissa Neighbour from Future Crunch to present a roller-coaster tour across the frontiers of technological disruption: connectivity, digital disruption, machine learning and artificial intelligence, intuitive computing, automation, additive manufacturing, decarbonization, regeneration, gene-editing, synthetic biology and brain-machine interfacing. Providing the audience with a dynamic, uplifting, visually spectacular presentation, designed to make the audiences think differently, Melissa kept everyone captivated as she ran through each of these technological trends and their transformational impact.

And just to keep everyone on their toes with what to expect, our agenda transitioned from this tech superstar in Melbourne to a sports superstar in Sydney.

Anthony Minichiello, a well-known, respected and admired Rugby League legend in the Australian community shared his truly inspirational personal journey. Our guests got to hear the telling tale of his career-ending back injury through to his remarkable recovery that got him back on the footy field, shocking medical experts. How did he do it? He shared all the inspiring details, before participating in a few selfies for fans afterward.

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Networking on the show floor

Among a large amount of information and educational content that was provided over the three days, our guests at IMAGINE SUMMIT Australia were also provided with ample networking and peer engagement in the breakout sessions. A great way to discuss business challenges, build new relationships and learn from others in their respective fields. Plus, it was a chance to stop by the managed file transfer and API demo pods to see firsthand the solutions in action and how they can help to solve the many challenges our guests are facing in this rapidly changing technological era. Axway product specialists were located in the networking area and available to answer any pressing questions throughout the whole event.

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Better Together with Axway partners

Joining Axway on its journey, partners Stoplight and Intelligent Pathways had speaking sessions and booths in the networking sessions where they could showcase their capabilities and partnership.

Here’s what they had to say…


“Intelligent Pathways has been recognizing the need for an integration ecosystem from our work over the last few years, but an ecosystem can be unwieldy to manage. Axway’s HIP offer is a strategic and deliberate way to bring together a cohesive set of integration capabilities that enable businesses to use best of breed technologies.” – Kate Tsang, Intelligent Pathways.

“Thank you for the support and partnership. I really enjoyed getting to meet the customers, partners and Axway reps in the APAC region and learning about their initiatives. I believe the Design First principals Stoplight is built around is already a part of the mainstream conversation in much of APAC so it was a great experience to hear what others are doing to make API Design part of their process. I would travel around the world and back again with the good people at Axway, your customers and partners are just as lovely as your employees. #Bettertogether #Aroundthworldin8days” #DesignFirst #APIFirst”Tonia Roberts, Stoplight.

And that’s a wrap for 2019

Customers and partners were invited to come along, learn, network and engage, but also to have some fun and enjoy being a part of the Axway community, and that’s just what they did!

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