Amplify Platform

AMPLIFY Update: Usage Notifications for Cloud Services

In today’s AMPLIFY platform update, we are introducing usage notifications for AMPLIFY cloud services, so that organizations have better visibility into usage and can budget accordingly.

Organizations will receive usage-related notifications for the following cloud services: 

  • mBaaS API calls 
  • Push notifications sent 
  • Storage – Database and File  
  • Analytics Events received by the platform from their mobile applications 
  • Container points used for API Builder applications 

Org Admins will receive an email notification when their usage for any of the above services hits the following thresholds of the purchased quota:

  • 75%
  • 90%
  • >100%

This feature should be particularly useful for customers who purchase cloud capacity a la carte through the pricing pages on Now, they can now monitor their usage and purchase additional capacity, if required.