The Future of IT: What does it look like and how do you prepare for it?

The Future of IT: What does it look like?

The topic of bots, automation, and AI as a key instrument in innovative workplace technology has been growing more prevalent among today’s IT executives. It’s widely understood that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies aren’t the future of IT — it’s happening NOW! And IT leaders are keeping it top of mind, wondering how to best implement it into their digital ecosystem.

But as RPA solutions begin to explode within the business technology space, many providers endorse it as an invaluable solution for customer experience. However, for IT executives, enabling a positive customer experience doesn’t always start with the external customer – it starts with their employees and the people within the organization they support.

How is a content collaboration solution critical to digital transformation?

The questions they are asking that don’t always get the attention from these “transformational” solution providers is, how do we implement solutions and tools that will enable productivity and a positive workplace experience for employees so that they can in turn provide innovations to their buyers? 

At the FutureIT event in Boston, our message was simple: Whether it’s cloud, on-premise or hybrid, we provide content collaboration and file sharing solutions that meet the needs of the end user to enable them to be productive. Because preparing for digital transformation will require providing the tools your employees need to fuel agility and collaboration inside the firewall.

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Future of IT

We’ll be at the next FutureIT event in Atlanta on September 24th where we’ll take this topic further along with demoing our product on the main stage.

Productivity soars at large government agency through content collaboration.